UPDATE: Pause on £100k NHS award for training maternity units in trans inclusion.

Here’s why With Woman is cheering!

If you’ve seen anything of this blog, seen our Twitter, followed any of our growing number of supporters, you’ll have seen the tale of the Invitation to Quote, to train maternity units in the language, and practice, of trans inclusion.

The ITQ was published at the height of the UK Christmas/New Year season and almost – almost! – flew under the radar. Those of us concerned at how the NHS at all levels was becoming captured by an ideology spotted it, though.

It’s an ideology that denies the importance of sex, ignoring the reality that women have experiences directly related to their female bodies. And we think being ‘inclusive’ should acknowledge that, even if in individual interactions terminology is adapted to the woman’s preference.

Moreover, the changes in training outlined in the ITQ would be done in a rush, without quality evidence that a) they support good maternity care for women who identify as trans or non-binary – who may have varied needs for appropriate treatment b) they have no negative effects on service users and care staff .

Changes in maternity care should never be done without careful assessment, and an evaluation of the potential impact throughout.

We found no evidence of the right sort of due diligence behind the ITQ. And we worried a training programme would be bulldozed through the entire English maternity system without anyone even daring to say ‘whoa! Do we need this? What effects will it have?’

So we’re cheering, now we know a decision has been taken to pause the whole programme, including the ITQ, until there’s better evidence of better outcomes….for all.

This story in the press

We made a splash!

Midwives sign letter calling on NHS bosses to scrap course that pushes inclusive terms including ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘birthing parent’ – Daily Mail

NHS trans plans will make maternity care ‘the next Tavistock’, midwives warn – The Telegraph

England’s NHS To Spend £100,000 On “Trans Inclusive Maternity” Program – Reduxx

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