Open letter: Pause £100k midwifery training based on flawed research into trans maternity experiences

Please sign our letter to the NHS England National LGBT Programme

This is an open letter to Lizzie Streeter, NHS England National LGBT Programme Manager requesting that the Maternity Gender Inclusion Programme is paused for the reasons outlined below.

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Lizzie Streeter

NHS England National LGBT Programme Manager

Dear Lizzie Streeter,

Re: Request for deferral of the Invitation to Quote for the £100k Maternity Gender Inclusion Programme until there is both a published and comprehensive review of pilot schemes that are representative, and a solid evidence base for best practice for this client group. 

Thank you for your work on the provision of care for trans and non-binary maternity service users. We emphatically support your aim to provide high quality care to all users of maternity services. However, we have concerns about the Maternity Gender Inclusion Programme (MGIP). 

The Improving Trans and Non-binary Experiences of Maternity Services (ITEMS) research by LGBT Foundation [1] on which the programme is based is not peer reviewed and contains significant flaws in its methodology and analysis as outlined below. It is therefore an inappropriate basis for a training project funded by the NHS. 

The proposed training has no evidence base and there has been no assessment of impacts on other groups of service users or evaluation of costs to scarce NHS resources and midwives’ time. In these cost-limited times it is crucial to have an evidence base for any proposed spend and we therefore feel it unethical to proceed without access to results of these pilot schemes.

Our concerns are as follows:

1. The ITEMS research is not peer reviewed and has significant methodological and analytical flaws.

The ITEMS research was commissioned to fill a knowledge gap, but given how poorly the research was undertaken it cannot be relied upon to inform training of maternity health workers or for any changes to maternity services. 

The central claim that 30% of trans people gave birth wholly unattended (freebirthed) is not borne out by the data.  To the question “Did you get support from NHS or private midwives during your pregnancy/ pregnancies?” 30% answered no. This is taken to mean that 30% gave birth without any professional attendance whatsoever (freebirthing) – a wholly unsubstantiated assumption (page 19 of the report). The question could reasonably be interpreted to be querying whether people felt supported by the midwives who cared for them. Thus, it is possible that no people gave birth without midwifery care, or that some were high risk pregnancies and were cared for by an obstetrician. 

The study compares a small sample of trans service users (n=121) over a 30-year period, 45% before 2015, at unspecified locations, with a very large group who gave birth over a three month period (n=17,151) in England, making the comparisons unreliable. Any differences in the results may well be attributable to the development of maternity services in the last 30 years such as record keeping, personalised decision making, support for infant feeding or continuity of carer.  It is not clear when the pregnancies occurred in relation to the gender transition, nor whether the transition was social, medical or surgical. This is significant data for maternity care. 

Additionally, the study did not include any research on medical needs of TNB maternity service users or on infants, and did not consider how the impact of any changes they recommended would impact others. 

2. The ITEMS recommendation to introduce de-sexed language for all maternity service users is incompatible with evidence and current guidance.

One of the ITEMS recommendations is to introduce gender inclusive (de-sexed) language for all maternity service users. However, no research or assessment has been carried out to determine the impact of these changes on women who do not identify as trans or non-binary, particularly on vulnerable groups,  despite evidence that it can detract from important public health messages [2].  

The most recent MBRRACE-UK report [3] noted that the most disadvantaged women were at highest risk of adverse pregnancy outcomes and stated that clear language must be used in antenatal care. NICE guidance on antenatal care states that antenatal services need to recognise women’s circumstances, such as low literacy or English skills [4]. 

A well researched paper in Frontiers in Global Women’s Health on the impact of language change details many detriments to the widespread de-sexing of the language of female reproduction [5], including unintended consequences – such as using parent to mean mother – leading to poor postnatal care. 

We point to Public Health England’s own guidance [6] on improving health literacy, which states that plain English should be used in health communications and medical jargon avoided. 

3. A scandal similar to Tavistock could be repeated in NHS maternity services due to poor research and the influence of advocacy organisations.

Recent events at the Tavistock Gender Identity Development Service have shown how practice underpinned by poor research and the influence of advocacy organisations with a particular ideology has led to a scandal that we do not want to see repeated in maternity services. 

As the Cass Interim report has shown, good intentions are not enough [7]. Healthcare and training must be informed by proper evidence and have clinical credibility as well as credibility within the community and advocacy circles. 

In healthcare and education numerous training courses run by advocacy groups such as Stonewall or Mermaids, or the GP training on Gender Diversity [8], have had to be withdrawn due to concerns, to great cost. 

There is a danger in commissioning training from advocacy groups without sufficient clinical expertise in this area. Considerable public funding has already gone into previous research on trans pregnancies that has yielded very limited credible peer-reviewed results [9].

4. The scope and scale of the training programme is disproportionate and could have real implications for neonatal or maternal outcomes.

There has been no analysis of opportunity costs. In these times of limited resources to pull every midwife in 40 NHS trusts away from clinical practice for a set amount of time could have real implications for neonatal or maternal outcomes. 

The current estimate of prevalence of TNB maternity service users is at most 1 in 2000, therefore most midwives will not care for a trans or non-binary person during their career. This begs the question of time and cost effectiveness for a training with no clinical credibility which we do not see taken into account in the tender as it stands. 

5. The pilot studies are an inadequate basis for rolling out the project to 40 NHS Trusts.

The pilot studies are an inadequate basis for rolling out the project to 40 Trusts due to a lack of (published) independent evaluation or data of the projects’ impact, and any unintended downsides on trans or non-trans populations, especially disadvantaged groups. 

The pilot at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust is not representative of the country as a whole due to there already being two gender inclusion midwives for an unspecified number of clients, existing publicity, and a higher than average trans population.

6. Funding allocated to the programme would be better spent developing high-quality research to support the target group effectively.

Transgender and non-binary maternity service users deserve high-quality maternity care. Appropriate research is needed to inform such healthcare provision. This research should include the needs, maternity care experiences and outcomes of those who identify as transgender and non-binary. It should also include investigation of the medical needs that individuals and their fetuses and infants might have as a result of medical treatments such as testosterone use or chest masculinisation mastectomy.

The ITEMS research does none of the above and is fundamentally inadequate for the purposes of informing high-quality maternity care for trans and non-binary people. The funding allocated to the MGIP would be better spent getting high-quality data on the prevalence and clinical needs of this client group to generate clinically credible data to target support most effectively. 

We the undersigned, therefore request you put an immediate hold on the Maternity Gender Inclusion Programme (MGIP). 

We would be glad to have the opportunity to meet with you to discuss our concerns. Please contact to arrange a meeting with representatives of the undersigned.


Anna Scott Midwife, NHS

Katherine Hales, Senior Midwife CoC Teams

Deborah Hughes, Registered Midwife

Dr Louise Irvine, General Practitioner, Clinical Advisory Network on Sex and Gender

Linda Bryceland, Director of Midwifery

Lucy Griffin, Hospital Consultant

Catriona Cusick, Midwife NHS

Anna Melamed, Midwifery Lecturer

Ann Stevens, Health Visitor

David Bell, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist

Sinead Helyar, Nurse, NHS

Dr Az Hakeem, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Tessa Katz, GP

Louise Barraclough, Lead Nurse/ Specialist Safeguarding Lead

David Morgan, Consultant Psychotherapist

Sarah Ardizzone, Midwife, NHS

Rosemary Curtis, Retired Health Visitor and commissioner of maternity services

Sally Millar, Senior Research Fellow, Retired (ex University of Edinburgh)

Judith Green, Director, Woman’s Place UK

Ali Ceesay, Director, Woman’s Place UK

Beverley A Lawrence Beech, Retired Hon Chair, Assoc for Improvements in the Maternity Services

G Thompson, Midwife

Rebecca Pinnington, Midwife

Claire Pate, Midwife sonographer

Irene Williams, Retired nurse

Delia Hazrati, Radiographer Personal capacity

Philip Hopley, Psychiatrist

Sharon Gamon, Practice Development Midwife Private Midwives

Sara Marsh, Health Visitor

Nick Mann, GP, NHS

Anne Dean, District Nurse/Rehabilitation Service Manager(retired), NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

Milli Hill, Author of the Positive Birth Book

Ann Sinnott, Director, AEA

Michelle Wright, Midwife

Sibyl Grundberg, Osteopath

Pamela Morrison, Lactation Consultant, Private practice

Karen Goldrick, Midwife

Jane Robinson, Retired nurse and full time woman

Nicky Neighbour, Antenatal practitioner (retired)


Jen Gilbert, Midwife

Kate Souper, Retired Doctor

Valerie Haldon, Retired midwife

Loreto, Breastfeeding supporter

Caroline Meagher Training Manager 3rd sector health and social care

Claire Fewster, Counsellor

John Rubinstein, Helper of Midwives Haven

Stephanie Blennerhassett, Retired Nurse

Catherine Williams, Childbirth educator and Masters student in medical anthropology

Charlotte Edun, Research Assistant (Maternity)

Labour Women’s Declaration Working Group, Labour Women’s Declaration

Charlotte Enderby-Ryall, Midwife, NHS

Jancis Shepherd, Retired Lead Midwife for Education/ Head of Midwifery, Previously, University of West London

Ms Denise Sumpter, Maternity and Breastfeeding informal advocate

Alison Arrowsmith, Midwife

Diane Dear, Retired nurse. Mother.

Yvonne Pike, Registered Mental Health Nurse

Sarah Davies, Senior Lecturer Midwifery (Retired)

Claire Parry, retired Midwife

Lindsay Skyrme, BMid, MSc, NHS

Victoria Williams, Maternity researcher and mother of a non-binary person

Charlotte Huggins, Midwife, NHS

Professor Alan Johnson

Anne Stafford, Non-practising Midwife

Sian Howard, Mother, social worker

Maggie Mellon, Committee Member, EBSWA Evidence Based Social Work Alliance

Anna Zobnina Executive Director European Network of Migrant Women

Lisa Littman, MD, MPH, Physician-scientist trained in Obstetrics, Gynecology, Preventive Medicine & Public Health

Delyth Rennie Children and Family social worker (retd),

Alison Wren, Former biology teacher in young mothers PRU

Ceri Williams, Retired college principal

Rebecca Durand, English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) Lecturer

Rose Rickford, Sociology PhD candidate University of York

Cathy Devine, Independent Researcher

Linda Law, Emergency Nurse Practitioner

Susan Swan, Yoga therapist supporting expectant clients and soon to be step-grandmother

Dr Ruth Livingstome, Retired GP and Clinical Director

Dr David Pilgrim, Chartered Clinical Psychologist

Amanda Wheeler-Pollitt, NHS Specialist Nurse

Maureen O’Hara, Lecturer in Law

Barbara Anne Marshall, Social worker

Amanda, Woman, mother, Public Health Nurse, NHS

Bronwen Davies MSc, RMN, RGN, Retired nurse

Anonymous, Adult Social Care Commissioner, Local Authority, NE England

Angela Green, Senior Sister in Oncology Research, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHSFT

A C Jones, Retired nurse, Sussex University Hospitals

Alison Halliday, RGN

James Esses

Jo Campbell, Health and social care worker

Jane Symons, Health journalist

Anne Sims, RN, NHS

Doreen Wallace, Nurse

Lynsey McCarthy-Calvert, Counsellor

Christine Dellen, Former Breastfeeding Counsellor

Caroline Embeton, Registered nurse, NHS

Catherine, RGN, RMN and woman, NHS

Dr Tracy Mitchell, GP, NHS

Joanne Scannell, RN

Lindsey Robinson, Psychotherapist

Dr Helen M Manson, Medical doctor

Christine Biddlecombe, Clinical Nurse Advisor

Margaret Fairlie, Retired nurse

Elizabeth Turner, Diabetes Research Midwife

Eleni Maria Liaka, Doctor

Joanna McCormick, Mother and former midwife

Dr Angela Dixon, GP

Andreia Nobre, Voluntary doula, journalist, author of the Grumpy Guide to Motherhood

Mrs Janette D Leck, Registered Nurse Adult (RT’d)

Delia Morris, Retired Nurse, Social worker, mother of two

Samantha Foster, Charity worker with food banks

Siobhan Scanlan, Recently retired midwife

Gerry Holloway, Mother/grandmother

Lorna Fitzpatrick, Retired Social Worker

Fay, Childrens social care

Dr Shonagh Dillon

Georgina Toye PhD, Biomedical Research Scientist, Retired

Katrina Parnell, RGN

Lynn R S Genevieve, Midwife (Retired)

Ann Nordlöf, Psychologist

Dr Lesley Semmens

Janet Lallysmith, Training and development

Suzanne Wood, Research and Development Project Manager

Ms A Windmill-Robson, Independent Midwife

Anna Cox, Retired Health Visitor

Rosie Haldon, Nurse

Hannah Mitchell, GP

Kerryann Lund, Retired teacher

Sarah Panzetta, Fertility awareness practitioner

Sam Grey, NHS manager

Sarah Shuffell, Women’s SRH advisor, MfD

Karen Varley, RGN (retired)

Jeremy Wickins, Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics (semi retired), psychiatric nurse (retired).    

Sandra Houston, Midwife Consultant

Caroline Hitchen, 111 Health Advisor

Jenny Warren OBE, National Breastfeeding Advisor Scotland (Retired)      

Brian Pickles, Associate Professor of Ecology

Lisa Salamone, Certified Life Coach   

Anne Agostini, Clinical Nurse Specialist        

EJ Gray, Concerned Citizen    

Joanne Smart, Concerned member of the public     

Catherine Carmichael, Doctor

Polly Phillipson, Education    

Paul Creaner, Educator          

Rosanna Le May, Executive Assistant

Sara Morris, NHS Data Analyst          

Linda McKenzie, Former NICU nurse 

Fiona Grierson, Information Architect          

Elizabeth Poole,         

Miranda coulson,       

Lizzie Route, Mother 

Joan Appleton, Mother         

A Steele, Mother       

R Godwin, Mother     

Avril Peppard, Mother & Grandmother        

J Perera, Mother and concerned woman      

Elaine Allison, Mother and grandmother      

Kirsty Willing, Mother and soon-to-be grandmother

Kathryn Webb, Mother of medicalised, transitioned female

Clarice Saadi, Mother of two 

Lois Anne Tayler, Mother, Grandmother, Adult Human Female.     

Alexandra Renée, Mother/Birthworker        

Claire Wild,    

Janet Marks,  

Sally Jarvis, RN and former SCM        

Trisha Kelly, Senior Lecturer in Social Work ( retired).         

N Smith, Nurse           

Lisa Davies, Paramedic          

Fiona Mitchell, Physiotherapist         

Dr Stella Kingett, Psychiatrist

Jo Smith, Psychotherapist     

A Stokeld, Psychotherapist    

Y Forster, QTS, MA (Hons) Applied Linguistics, Volunteer Mother Supporter         

Mary Reid, Receptionist        

Michael Cook, Retired civil servant   

Dr Margaret Pearson, Retired Clinical Scientist        

Catherine Murray, Retired Health Visitor     

Isobel Matheson, Retired HV and paediatric nurse. 

Ann marie McCormack, Retired Midwife      

Cheryl Buswell, Retired registered nurse      

Linda Whitehead, Retired occupational therapist

Dr Anne McConville FFPH, Public health doctor, retired

Thomas Carey, University Teacher (Nursing Studies) ret.

T Green, Obstetrician

Dr K Sharma, GP

Sam Briggs, ACP, General practice

Natalie Bird, Doula

Bev Marshall, Clinical Researcher & Mother

Robert Withers, Jungian analyst, Society of Analytical Psychology

Dr K Oliver, Psychologist

Jasmine Sussex, Mother, breastfeeding advocate

C Scott, Public health professional, LA

Joanne Priest, Educator

Elizabeth Darran, Retired Psychologist

Dr C. Thomas, G.P, NHS

Margaret Kane-Dickson, Public Health Practitioner

Dr Jannine Dowling, Clinical Psychologist

H. Webb, Mother, Student Radiographer

Jennifer Stephenson, Midwife & Practice Educator

Katharine Knight, Doctor

Gina Burton, Retired Ambulance technician

Helen Cook, Nurse Leader, NHS

Claire Robinson, Senior Project Manager (national), Health Education England

Katharine Arnold, Specialist registrar, general and geriatric medicine

Charlotte Disley, Psychotherapist

Fiona Hanson, Retired nurse

Dr Celia Sadie, Clinical Psychologist

Susan Holmes, Health Professional

Dorinda Mills, Non-Practising Clinical Psychologist

Lydia El-Shazly, Paediatric Nurse

Brian Morris, NHS (Retired)

Harriett Robins Kennish, Mental Health Liaison Occupational Therapist (signing on behalf of myself, not my NHS trust).

Karen Moore, Senior Nursing Assistant, NHS Foundation Trust

Angela Thompson, Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Lindsay Duncan, Retired, Local authority

Frances Fearon, SRN Retired. Mother. Grandmother.

A Hart, Psychotherapist

Kelly Darling, Antenatal Teacher

Kezia Bienek, Mother/Opera Singer/Doula

Janet Sellers, Retired nurse

Dr Imogen Jackson, Clinical Teaching Fellow

Alison Teal, Family Therapist and Psychologist

Sarah C, Current student nurse

Kay Warbrick, Ex Children and Families Social Worker, Manager and Safeguarding trainer

Sally Davies, Mental Health Nurse

Jo Webb, Health Psychologist and Lactation Consultant

Kirsten Dawson, Health visitor

Chris Henderson, Retired early years strategist., Local authority

J metcalfe, Early years senior practitioner / SEMH practitioner

Judy Thomas, Retired Senior Practioner Child Protection

Kate Skillicorn, Policy Officer, Eden District Council

Victoria newcombe, Coordinator, CIC

Mara Ricoy Olariaga, Birth Educator and activist

Mental health practitioner, NHS Highland

Judy Tate, Designated Safeguarding Lead

Jane Parker, Retired Nurse

Natasha Dykins, Retired doctor

Sofia Castillo, Patient information officer, NHS

Lisa Northover, Breastfeeding Counsellor (retired)

Sophie Rivett, GP

Elaine James, Clinical nurse specialist, GSTT

Mary Lester, Nurse, NHS

Sue Kay, Health researcher retired

Genevieve Salisbury, Mother and Psychologist

Mary R Dent, Retired Nurse

Mags Clayton, Education Mental Health Practitioner

Sue Kingston, Retired nurse teacher. Woman

Katie Woodland, Psychologist

Lucy Poels, Retired Midwife

Amanda Kenwrick, Retired. Trained in nursing in 1960’s.

Dr Judith Dodds, Community Paediatrician and Sexual Health speciality doctor

Rebecca Daniels, Student Pediatric Nurse

AnnaMaria Minogue, Psychotherapist

Ann Wright, Mental health

Sally Frances, Social Worker

Bryony Skey, Retired psychoanalytic psychothetapist, NHS

Dr Alice Hodkinson, GP

Susan Turner, Midwife (retired)

Chan Moruzi, Researcher

Ruth Hooper, Retired Mjdwife

Veronica Lopez, Psychologist and educator

Margaret Hopley., Retd. Health Visitor .

Caroline Kane, Midwife, NHS

Molly Q, Healthcare Support

Julie Woods, RN(MH) Retired

Debbie Epstein, Emerita Professor University of Roehampton

Liz Day, Retired general nurse

Mary Hopley, Retired Nurse

Jean Ruane, Retired Lecturer Mental Health Nursing, Other

Dr j. Gasper

Ann Stuart, Retired SRN RCM

Nina Griffith, BSc, MSc, PGDip Adult Nursing

Lucy Hunter Blackburn, Policy analyst and mother

Helen Catt, Psychologist

Iris, Communications & SM Representative, Standing For Women

Tanya Croall, Women’s health Physiotherapist

Molly O’Brien, Midwife, Midwife educator

Gina Docherty, Policy manager (health)

Anonymous Midwife Academic

Dr Heather Brunskell-Evans, Medical Humanities

Dianne Landy, Co-Founder, Mana Wāhine Korero

Emma Mansell, Midwife

Shirley Roper, Retired Midwife

Helen Le Fevre, Retired nurse

Hilary Burrage, Adjunct Professor

Marion Morris, Public Health professional

Shareefa Shsh, Registered Nurse Emergency care, NHS

Dr A M John, healthcare worker

Lisa Halse, Osteopath

Rachel Loosemore-Smith, Health care assistant, Public Health Wales

Katarzyna Buxton, Psychotherapist, Cornwall Clearwater Counselling

Emma Hayes, Dentist, NHS

Marijke Acket, Retired Psychotherapist

Diane Dawson, NHS

Nicholas Davies, NHS Administrator

Rebecca Roberts, Mother of four, NHS

Lynne Glover, Psychotherapist

Carol McKee, NHS

Lyn Tiller, Aurora New Dawn

Michelle Bennett, Social Worker

Joanne Fretwell, NHS worker

Elinor Holmquist, Pregnancy advisor

Dr Faye Carey, Psychoanalytic psychotherapist

Heather Thornton, NHS worker

Susan D Doherty, Retired midwife

Lisa Koekemoer, Public health, Consultant

Sue Brailey, Midwife

Jackie Dyer, Retired NHS Senior Manager

Dr Shawn Walker, Senior Research Fellow, King’s College London

Anna Tracey, Registered Nurse

Sandra Lawler, Retired Nurse

Dr Lenny Cornwall, Consultant Psychiatrist

Sheila Stallard, Retired Consultant Breast Surgeon

Dr Rae Elizabeth WEBSTER, Hospital Consultant (retired), NHS

Luisa Jbira, Midwife, NHS

Lisa Saffron, Author of It’s a Family Affair – the complete lesbian parenting guide, Diva Books.

Joyce West, Retired health care consultant

Kathleen Cruddas BSc MBA, Retired NHS Manager

Danielle Sinnett, Academic and mother

Emma Gwilliam, Nurse

Shelley Charlesworth, Researcher, Transgender Trend

Karen Ross, Retired Midwife

Sally Poxon, NHS

Louise Currie, Retired Midwife, NHS Scotland

Julie Norton, Data Analyst

Niamh Mac Mahon, Teacher of biology

Manuela Herrera, Psychologist

Helena, Public Health Nurse

Dr FIona Dean, Ex GP

J Baker-Carr, Lecturer

Helen Kay, Researcher

Linda Hamilton, Concerned woman, mother and researcher, 

Maura Dalton, Retired social worker.

Dr Firat Cengiz, Mother, academic

Samantha Underwood

Charlie Dacke

Hannah Lendon

B Keats

Sue England, Lawyer, FAWCO

Selena Quirke (Mrs.)

Lyndsey Maiden

Eibhilin Sedman

Heather Strohl

Genevieve Cox

Sarah Lloyd-Davies

Millie Munn

Nicky Thompson

Anya Osen

Emily Toft

Phil Mayes

Mrs Sarah Richardson

Rosie Darkin-Miller

Virginia Ogg

William Matthews

Sally Jackson

Sarah Walker

Sarah Wrann, Teacher

Barbara Higham

Freda Davis, Mother and grandmother

Fiona Vigar, Mother

Kay Lawrence, Mother

Martin Dear

Dorothy Pearlman, Mother,

Georgia Hayden

Maria da Gandra

Eleanor Canero

Sharon Buxton

Mary Curran

Carmel Kelly

Jessica Winkler

Jessica Rayburn, Mother

Lynn Thomason, Retired

Susan Carnegie-Harding, Mother

Hetty Vink, Mother of two, homebirth

Susan Yavetz, Maternity services user

Diane Holyoak

Amy Edwards

Alexandra Geddis


Monica Bijok, Reality based feminist

Vera Burgess, Carer

Anthea Economides

Gill Rimmer

Wendy Brindle

Rose Reeve, Mother

Diana Clough

Joanne McNeil

Tanya Carter

Cheryl Inwood

Lorna Irvine

Naomi Passman

Angela Jukes Civil Servant

Kerry Gaskin

Monika Neall

Fran Batin

Jill Raymond

Sue Pentney

Rose Seabury, Retired,

Lu Smith

Tracy Gardner

Paul Milnes

Rachel Hardy

Nicola Carr

Mandy Vere, Mother (2 births) & lay attendee (6 births)

A E Hartley

Alan Gray

Emma Dolan

Leigh Taylor

Emma Cheevers

Karen du Plessis

Sally Richardson

Sarah Burton

Fiona English

Pamela Barclay

Norma Walton

Maire Smith

Sarah Veale

Tania Ziegler B Sc(Hons) MA Ed

Sue Hale

Dorothea S Annison

Helen St Luce

Andrew Squires

Iris Walker

Karen Kennedy

Alison Jenner

Simon Reeves

Frances Davidson

Jan Baxter

Jean Ireland

Alice Bondi

Claire Loneragan

Isabelle, HEY Resisters

Isobel Boyes

Gael Cochrane

Kathryn Pope

S Woodall, Mother

Cecilia Greenwood

Bev White

Polly Courtney, Maternity services user

Eileen Cann, Mother and grandmother who breastfed her children

Savitri Holmstrom

Rebecca Brueton, mother

Julia Davage, Mother and teacher

Anne Brown

Lottie Moore

S Henry

Jenny Shepherd

Ruby Lescott, Mother

Jane Loe

Gemma Winborn-Peart

Brenda Whisker

Annie McDonald

Lorna Connolly

Helen Wardle

Barbara Squire

Elizabeth Proudfoot

Sally Trethewie, Mother

Gwen Margaret Kime, Concerned member of the public

Joanna Young

Claudia Hay

Alison Richard, Mother of three

H Jones

Carolynn Cruickshank-Gray

Michelle Styles, Mother who breast fed her children and had 2 as VBAC

Gemma Williams, Mother

Clare Forrest

Jacky Holyoake

Shelagh Corker

Helen Bailey

Jane Roffe, Concerned woman

Eleanor Hill

Gail Ennis

Laura Tierney

RJ Turner

Sarah Bradbeer, NHS user

Emma Robertson

Beth Vaughan, Mother

Sera Stewart

Rebecca Lush, Mother

A Read

Heather Welford

Claire Brierley

Chris Pook

Lucy Cleary

Denise Fahmy

Julie Spencer

Catherine Evans

Judith Berridge, Retired

Susan Millership

Sam Reed

Sally Wainwright

Sara Armstrong

Virginia Wakely, Mother/Grandmother

Fiona McAnena

Hazel Chowcat, Concerned feminist

Bob Gould, Landlord

Ms Jillian Nicol

Emma Tompsett, Mother

Ms Deborah Ryan

Carol O’Dea, Life long feminist and supporter of women’s sex based rights

Sarah Neville

Susan Simms

Frances Younson

J Gourley

Susan King

R Baird

Charles Jones

Martine Rousset

Eirene Mitsos, Citizen

Dr Shira Lewin Solomons

Lesley Munro

Georgina Kuna

Steve Holroyd

Sheila Williams

Jacqui Rafferty

Julia Lamb Tod

Barbara Jones, Mother, Retired

Gill Hughes

Louise Devlin, Feminist

Isabella Millar

Linda Curran

Claire Gibbs

Carol Bailey, Concerned NHS-user

Jean Taylor

Derek Clarke

Linda Labonte-hurst

Joanne Hayes

Kathy Salaman

Clare Mabbott

Jessica Fear

Nicola Holland, Teacher, Councillor and mother

Jo McIntyre

Darrell Clarke

Helen Tissington, Retired midwife

Rachel Edney, Mother

Samantha Pillay

Amy Blakeney, Mother & Advocate for women’s birth rights.

Tamsin Evans, Support worker

Liz Evans

C. Wright

Lisa Skeggs

Joanna Foster, Working with children and teenagers

Marilyn Badger, Mother of four, Retired civil servant

Wendy Knight


Josephine Schwab

Natalie Taylor

Val Hirst, Mother and Grandmother

Karina Blanco, Mother

Barbara Gosden, Mother/Grandmother

Lori-Lee Potts

Laura Fletcher

Andria Haffenden

Aurora Sinclair

Christine Fraser

Caroline Knight

Ruth Watson

Yvonne Shelmerdine, Mother

Andy B J Low

Josephine Hewlett

J Bird

Alison Whiteford

Elaine Coates

Caroline Dees

Zoe weston

Carla Jones

Jane Schofield

Carole Leslie

CBM, Mother

Elizabeth Tempest, Mother & Grandmother

Jaye Nolan

Margaret Hopley.

Samantha Stapleton

Leo Hopley

Y W Morrison, Case manager

Anja dumschat

Alison Miles, Retired HV

Trish Lavelle, Retired Trade Union Officer, Mother and Grandmother

Carole Chick

Barbara Lapthorn

Jennifer Drew, Independent Researcher in Male Violence Against Women and supporter of single sex facilities

Vicky Powell

Mary Hinsley, Mother

Harriet Wilder, Mother

M Osner

K How

Lisa Carter

Nina Cartwright

Annie Bishop, Advocate, Phoenix Consultancy and training

Tessa McInnes

Gillian Braithwaite

Hilary Kerr

Sally Eastham

Nicola Gill

Josephine Stapleton, Mother

Frances Patterson, Retired

Nicky Lovick, Mother

Emma Turner

Barbara Bevan

Nancy Wright

Denice Houslin

Charlotte Revely

Rachael Lloyd

Amy Mansfield, Woman and mother

Christine Wright, Mother

Morag D

Cath sarsfield, Engineer

Deborah Twigger

Michaela Mercuri

Deziree Wilson

Judy Webb, Sister to two midwives. Concerned woman and daughter of a nurse

Ruth Todd

Tracey Miller

Talita Conde

Lyndsay Hopkins

Sheila Sutton

Jacqueline Mearns, Community Worker and Adult Education Co-ordinator

Annabel Jones

Irene Wychrij

Deirdre Johnston, Concerned woman

Linda Hart

Arwen Webb

Mrs Linda Wain

Diane Mellor

Sharman Dunn, ex NHS

Abigail Cox

Suzanne Slatford

Maria MacLachlan

BM Smith

Sue Drake

Karly Morris

Wendy Tozer

Laura Scarlett

Emily Putnam

Lisa De-Vall

Dianne Frances, Woman

Tracie, Mother

Ann-Katrine Sayers

Elaine baxter

Christine Karman

Sarah Chaundler, Mother

Andrea Yeomans, Medical Engineer, NHS

Deborah Morrow, Mother

Vikki Williams

Tony Leigh

Claire Winfield

Janine Southern, Support worker, Achieve Together

Mikaela Brunt

Collette Callan

M Henderson

Douglas Forder

Vanessa Bell, Social worker, Self employed

Robyn Cranney

Helen Wightman

Maria-Helena Santamaria

Carol Bartle

Sarah Cole, Service User

Georgia Richardson

Hanora Crowley

Amanda Twohey, Mother

Adriana, Communications Officer, European Network of Migrant Women

Helena Thomas

Kathleen Nicholson

Ruth Lewis

Fran Howkins

Michelle Johnson, Mother

Madeleine Baldon

Stasia Richardson

Beverley Hixon, Retired medical librarian

Rebecca Barrett, Advocate

Diane Corbett

Mary McAuley

Joyce Ferry

Lorraine Gordon, Woman (Adult Human Female), Retired

Liz, Breastfeeding Counsellor

Layla Evans

Victoria Bendon

Sharon Phillips

Carrie Jarvis, Retired Speech and Language Therapist

Laura Davis

Alison J Griffiths, Mother of three children

Mel Knott

Gill Parke, Childrens Social services

Suzanne Hitchin

Carl Taylor

Coleen Gruschow

Julie Mountain, Mother of two children

Mandy Forrester

Ann Dix, Mother and grandmother

Pam Finch

Elaine Lee

Sue Peters

Lisa Holstead, Technical Office, Local Government Officer

Charlene Hutchinson, Logistics Advisor

Melissa Stevenson

Cathy Rosa

Eleanor Greene

Rosalyn Harkin

Joy Bean, Mother

Zoe Ennison, Motor engineer

Amanda Mayes, Volunteer, MIND

Andrea Burford, Mother

Brigid Cherry

Harry Rawlings

Bridget McCann

Ginka Ilieva, ROGD parent

Dulcie Tudor, Helpline response advisor, First light South West

Judith Wright

Joanne Akers

Charlotte Lawrence

Mr Jamie Paine

Liz Panton, Retired Speech & Language Therapist

Fiona longworth

Diane Miles, Concerned parent and retired NHS employee

Jennifer James

Lynsey Cochrane

Lesley Cook

Celia Green, Grandmother

Cathy Maxwell, Mother

Victoria Wiklund

Caroline Williams

Shirley-Jane Merry

Daniela Fisher

Dr Holly Gordon, Social worker

Richard Burke

Natalie Kehr

John Haldon

Catherine Williams

Louise Tonkin

Rebecca Bergfjord

Sandy Smith, Retired, HullHarp

Jude Grant, Domestic Abuse services specialist

Marie Buckley, Woman

Concerned Professional, Counsellor

Louise Branch

Lucy Moore

Sharon Baxter, Mother and grandmother

Rosswitha Morrison, Counsellor

Sheena Fleming

Laura Armstrong

Margaret Christie, Plain-language professional

Juemin Xu

Danielle Wheatley

Katharine Rogers

Carol Lennie, Mother

Celia Hunt

Rosemary Bennett, Counsellor

Jennifer Cowe

Trish McPherson, Acquired Brain Injury survivor, granny

Sarah Wilson

Laura Wyles

Catherine Falsay

Diane Maguire

Ruth Anscombe, Midwife

Lisa Trotman

J Turner

Vicki Vass

Heidi Carlsen

Marion Fallon

Janice Drew

Judie Kinkaid

Victoria Keilthy, Mother

Sara White, Retired

Claire O’kane

Jessica Goldfinch, In a personal capacity

Beth Aze, Mother

Margaret Baker Moss

Linda , Grandmother

Rob Caiger, Father & supporter of women’s sex-based rights

Susan McQueen, Retired nurse

Diana Ward

Janet Warren

Sam Rospigliosi

Jacqueline McNamara

Jane Turnbull, Mother

AL, Midwife

Deborah Kell

Emma Barraclough

Catrin Slade, Mother

C Evered

A Holdsworth

Bethan England

Dittany Rose

Alicia Hood, Someone with experience of underfunded maternity services

Hilary Baxter, Author

Colleen Burton, Midwife

Mari Villafan

Rosemary Pharo, Educator

Joanne Jones, Mother

Jacqui MacLeod

Sandra Harrison, mother and grandmother

Sarah Mayne, parent

Armorel Tara Drake Wright

Shabanah Fazal

Valentina McParland, Retired social worker

Beatrice Walduck, Mother

Coral Lancaster, Mother

Jackie Uphill

Helena Coates, Mother

Louise Randall

Brigid Morison

Sara Miller

Alix Goldring, Project Manager

Siobhan Wall, Freelance writer

Charlotte Wilson, Mother

Nicola Haddon, Domiciliary Care

S Biswas

Jane Mactaggart

Suzanne Lacey, Social worker, NHS

Laura Cowen, Mother

Lindsay Hamilton-Reid

Catherine Dobson

Sarn, mother

Helen Hill

Verity Hoyland

Peter Schiazza

Philippa Woolford

M Hyndman, Domestic Abuse Practitioner

Erika Luukas Greer

Mererid Velios, Mum of 2 girls


Jayne Finch, Maternity service user

Alison Moon, Local Government worker

Jane Leavens

Anne Ford

Fiona Forster

Zara Cottrill, Woman & Mother

Sharon Caffrey

Leslie Rowe

Bea, Adult human female, Mother

Matt Iveson

Naomi Marks

Liz Pitt

Cath Dyson, Women’s Rights Network

Eleanor Hunt, Teacher and mother

Sarah Gregory, Select

Linda Guthrie

Maggie McHale

Margaret Green

Dee McCullough

Joanne Finkel

Helen Edwards

Claudia Sorin

Deb Ball

Heloise Wire

G Quirke

Alexandra Kershaw

Patricia Dodsworth

Abby-Lee Widger

Julia Spicer

Heather Finlay

Tracey Logan

Kat C Busby Hicks

Julie Armstrong

Maggie Jones8

Rosalind Hurley, Support worker, Creative support

Charlotte Winter

Sally Milks

Carol O’Byrne

Penny Burton

Barry Maidment

Susan Hughes

Sam Parker

Catherine Nicholls

Paula Burlison

Tania Sturt

Erin Livsey

Judy Mason

Charlotte Hilton

Jan Thorburn, Writer

Steven Ferguson, Tutor, Tutor Online

Christine Hall

Jill Foster, Journalist

Marjorie Caw

Sarah Harvey

Pamela Taylor

Ann West, Mother of Vulnerable Woman

Lisa Johns

Amy Carr

Nathalie Kail

Maya Paldi

Emma Taylor

Juliette O’rady, Teacher/Hypnobirthing Teacher

Julia Lence

Liane Cusack

Dr. K J Kaye

Victoria Lax

Magda Devas, NHS patient

Jacqueline Higgs, Mother

Jan Stowe

Mary Catherine Hopkins

Samantha Fisher

Carol Beckett, Grandmother to eight grandchildren, retired

Marika Mason

Lizbeth Collie, Private individual

Sara Mai

Denise Johnston, Mother

Jules Eachus

Sarah Ratcliffe

Barbara Helm

Alice Mathewson, Adult human female and mother

Carey, Mother

Eleni Chrysopoulou, Director, property, female who has given birth twice

Christine Lynch

Kathryn Pitts, Mother

Avril Mewse

Harriet McKenzie

Rosalind Barber, Mother

Marlyn Glen

Kirsti Wenn, Mother

Pippa Richardson

sandy devlin

Geraldine Reith

V Gibson

Siobhan Walker

V Nagy, Mother, Womens Rights Network

Jan Butler

Sandra Mason

Stella Govette

Mary MacCallum Sullivan

Su McLaughlin

Rebecca Newman, Mother of two breastfed children

Joanna Jones

Sandra Humphreys, Woman, mother, grandmother.

Hannah Emerson

Colin Sinnott

Paul Milnes, Retired

Brudget Palmer

Ceri Dyke

Sue Riley

Natasha Norton-Twining

Carina Bennet

Caroline Walton

Lynda Kay

Tracey Neighbour

Vivien Hamley

Indigo Knoxville

Helen Green, Service user

Suzanne Chandler

Maria Farrant, Mother/grandmother

Penny Tunbridge

Jean Rochford


Lisa Morgan, Chair, UK Guild of Hypnosis Practitioners

Michael Massey, Human, male, father and grandfather, Individual


Kaye McIntosh

Hayley Micciche

Anne Cooling, Mother

Carly Hickey

Catherine Czerkawska

Joy Cain

Susan Ram, Mother and grandmother. NHS supporter

Eleanor Downey, Employee Advisor

C. Taylor

Selina Taylor

Jennifer Smith

Ellie Donaldson

Leila Thexton

Kylie McClelland

Jo Kneale, Teacher, Mother of three

Charlotte Albery-Jones, Woman, mother

Lucy May Loch, Mechanical Engineer

Caroline Mooney

Vivien Perry

Grainne McKeown

Jemma Winborn, Mother and NHS maternity services user

Naomi Walmsley

Sarah Richardson

Catherine Woodall-Crook

Stephanie Danson, Mother


Rachel F

R Formes, Mother

Elena Prowse

Helen Walsh, Concerned mum

Adam Hibbert, Taxpayer

S Fieldhouse

Rosanna Lindley-McGovern, Trainee Solicitor

J Nanseko, Midwifery Advocate

Angela Melamed

Yvonne Southern, Mother

Madeleine Morey, Mother and grandmother

Kerry Dunn, Mother

Fallon Ferguson

Eileen Kinner

Jon Ford

Diane Few, Retired

Imogen Makepeace

Ruth Lopardo

Ilueng akuany

Catherine Knights

Sheila Jeffreys

Sharon Cooper

Louise Milligan

Laura Burns

Sara Blake, Mother

Emily Bailey

Marion Talbot

C Birbeck

Jennie Fairweather, Grandmother

Natasha Singh Kent

A Hughes

Rowan Songsmith

Eilidh Macleod, Mother

Alix Martin

Kerry Kirkwood

Beck Laxton, mother

Alison Whalley, Granny and retd. welfare rights worker

L Percival

Sara Inkster

Tracey Kirkwood

Suzanne Malyon

Debbie Waldon

Sylv Davey

Cath J.

Karen Bartlett

Nicola Quinn

Jill Barnes

Sarah Smith

Natasha Grange

Andy Bartlett

Sarah Haworth, Mother

Isa Henderson, Woman

Laraine Frederick

Shauna Devlin

Laura Corballis

Denise Edwards, Mother

J Richardson

Amanda Denniss, Woman & Mother

Rebecca Fraser

Emma Cordiner

Sinead sawford

Hedy Watt

Melanie Phillips

Ian Wright

Arkady Hughes

Clare Whale

Tara Wettrich, Carer.

Christine Milla

Bea Jaspert, mother and grandmother

Alexandra Sporidou

Karen Meager, Mother, retired barrister

Gail Heath

Natasha Scott

Jemma Bose

Annabel Nickols

Annie Stevens

Caroline McMillan, Mother

Matesa McKeefery

Helen Gibson, Mother and NHS patient

Ray Trzaska, Colchester Institute

Christine Ce

Sarah Merricks, Retired

Jacqueline Hill, Mother of LGBTQ children

Helen Rogers

Debra Piney

Jean Belton, Mother

Helen Cargill

Brendan Poole

Marie Duffin, Civil Servant

Claire Valentine

Victoria Thomson

Amy Smith

Abigail Rowland, Mother, Grandmother and Teacher (retired)

Emelie Engdahl

Donna Evans

Josephine Liptrott

Paul Leys

Denise Robson, Mother, grandmother

Jodie Whitelock, Mother

Alice Bree

D Ellis

Kate Osborne, Designer

Jasmin Harvey, Partner of a student midwife

Ruth Draper

Clarissa Smith

Matthew Garris

nadia akhtar

Michael Crawford

Angie Smith

Michelle McCarthy, Mother

Elizabeth Blakemore, Woman

D, Biologist

Kathryn Holding

Caroline McCready

Laura Smith, Mother

Beth Noakes

Jo Quinn

Jacqueline Kay

Nikki Laing

Tara Moore

Susan Tollerfield

Maria Deandres, Former trade union rep

Anne Burton

Jill Huskisson

Frances Bill

Ruth Sutton

Rae Livingstone

Mandy Bennett

Julie Daniels

Rosalie Smith

Ramona Lavery, Mother


Janette Leslie, Mother and grandmother

Saffron Clary

Stella Rainbow

Suzanne Ellis

Julie Karanja

S Murdock

Pauline Graham

Cathryn Mulholland Reilly, Com Ed

Fallon Toner

Lorna Shiels

Lili Bain

Natasha Grover

Mandy Macdonald


Jane Anglin

Leon Donnelly

Molly Perman, Mother of two

Rachel Shearer

Louise Somerville, Organiser, Womens Voices Matter

Clare Crestani

Tracey Mills, Midwife

Shiraz Peer Liberman

Denisa S

Linda Smith, Retired

A Lane, Locum

Natalie Hogg

Carmel McDowell

Stephanie Irvine

Loretta Childs

Christine Hadfield

Joanna Johansen

Michelle Doherty

Catherine Bjarnasin

Barbara Davey

Andrea Davies

Níamh Matthews

Sharon Jenkins, Mother and grandmother

Shoma Easo

Sarah Griffiths

Joanne Grant

Helen Quinn

Katy Newman, Mother

Sara Gunn

Patricia Reid

Alison Taylor

A Bindoff

Judith Gaunt, Mother

Rita Rake

Sarah Hetherington

Sarah Morgan

N Blackwood, Educator

Kerri levene

Katherine Bridget Shaw

Trudy Lynch

Miriam Bird, Social Worker

Charlotte Wright, Occupational Therapist

Maria Rowe

Beverley Siddle, Social care professional

Tracie, Woman

Dee Gourlay

Liza Moore

Catherine Hetherington

Clayton Owen

Sian Jones

Charlotte Neal

Dr K Smith, University Teacher/ Research Associate

Elaine Ride

Mary Leigh

Johannah Altman

Chante Williamson

Mary Boyt

Anna-Marie Dolan

Kathryn Singh BEM, Arts and language facilitator for South Asian women

Cynthia McBean

Rachel Miller

M Malone

Christine Kearney, Psychotherapist

Rosemary Schonfeld

Sue Quinn Aziz

Heather McDonald, Mother

Mary Hetherington, Mother

Jane Duncan

Melanie Allan, Concerned woman

Lisa-Marie Taylor, CEO, FiLiA

Rishika Verma

Louise Lavender

Dr. Mila Engelberg

Sarah Webb, Mother

Ghislaine Hubbard, Mother

Suzanne Hester, Retired SRN RSCN SCM HV cert, Retired

Roberta Goodall, Woman

Anna moore, Journalist

Aeronwen Trewent, Mother/Author

Kay Wilkie, Retired senior lecturer

Susan Harris, Teacher, Education

Leyla Burns

Stephanie Davies-Arai, Director, Transgender Trend

Julia Ship

Jane Callahan, Mother

Nikki Brown

Naomi Cunningham, Barrister

Miranda Yardley

Donna Soutar

Amanda Farrell

Kate McLennan

Andy Hattersley

Pilgrim Tucker

Sandie Smith

Charlotte Edwards

Heather Gent

Katie Berisford

Thomas Sargeant

Edward McNamee

Joanne Rigby

Sara Stewart

Susan Sacks

Jane Harrison

Georgia Pye, Mother

Sarah Maidment

Magda Devas, Teaching Assistant

Susan Moores


Autumn Martinez

Olivia Lee

Natalie Sheridan

Jenny Gordon

Mary Delisser, SENCO

Alex Keating

Nadja Eklov

Helen, Social Services, Council

Marianne Matthews

Fiona Boyne

Sandra McNeill, Justice for women

Kirstin McKie, SENCO

C Miles

Isobel Baxter

Irene Buchan

Denise Hunter

Lindsay Davies PhD

Roisín Scullion

Rebecca Mitchell, Parent & School Governor

Kym Harman, Teaching assistant

Tracy Neil

Siobhan Forder

Lisa Postill

Laura Williams

Katie Kennedy

M Flanagan

M McIvor

Dr Catherine Hounsome

Siobhan Kierans

Evelyn Strasburger, Mother

Ruth Sinclair


Karen Bresner

Kate Clark

Julia Tiong

Lisa Churchill

Melanie Berry, Teacher, mother

Jane Powell

Clare Lyons

Richard Kirker

Cindy Douglas

Becca Thom

Stephanie Lombard, Medical writer

Doreen Pugh

Stacey O’Brien

Kirsten Roberts

Dawne Brown

Lynda Constable

Ann Allen

Lizzie Leaman, Parent/Education sector, State primary school

Pen Lindsay

Dara Morefield, Taxpayer & NHS user

Keturah Garvey

Rachel Ward

Amanda Swift

Deborah Ferguson, Retired Social Worker

K Ball

Steve Rogers

Rose Jennings, Retired Headteacher, mother, grandmother

L Slattery

Hilary Lord

Isobel Dugher, Retired Educator

Diana Jeffery

Christine Wood

P F Moir

Julie Cowx

Mary Humphreys, BSc(Hons) PGCE, Mother.

Elizabeth, counsellor

Lynsey Pearson

Camilla Franklin, Breastfeeding mother of two

Jacqueline Thomas

Carla Noden

Anna Arthur

Anna Duda

Claire Lessore

Rebecca Winter

Jane Sargent

Wendy McLean, Maternity services user

Lucinda Gidlow

Anna Quilley, Mother and peer supporter

Kate Ashdowne

K Hunter

Delma McDermott

Sharon Austin, Retired

Michelle Parker

Fiona Stratton, Mother

Donna Buckley

Mary Salmon, Journalist

Zoe, NHS England (National team)

Diane Davidson

E Evans, Patient

Natalie Lauren Jordan

Sally Stafford

Paula Birch, Retired teacher

Tim Wright

Alsion King


Claudia Schirmeister

Linda Oubridge, Grandmother, Mother.

Emma Sheppard

Laura Lyon

Rosa Borg

Aimee mura

Caroline Chautemps

Kim Parker

Kerryann Lund

Elisabeth Bray, Mother

Dorothy Badrick, Mother

Lyndsey Snow, Concerned mother

Faye Clark

Sharon Creasey

Claire Stevens, Woman and mother

Jessica Saxby, Project Manager, Quickslide

Julie Maister

Julie Eason

Leanne Taylor, Northumbria university

Fiona Barrett

Jan Hunter

Anna Wynne, Legal advisor

Lucy Howard, Mother

Sarah Blandy

Magenta Wise

Linda Heato

J Sandall

M Sandall

J Cox

S. Perry

Marie-Anne Fisher

Karen Davies

Skye Wilson

Emily Greeves

D. Smith

Simone Stewart

Elspeth Cooper

Maria Medhurst, Mother and grandmother

Susan Ahern, Manager

Maggie Carey

Daire Cunningham

Ken Adams

Lisa Scerri

Louise Cole

Sarah Baldwin

Mairi Logie

Louise Bath

Julie Colton

Sophie Smith

Jessica Pyne

Tara Stevens

LJH Taylor

Suzanne Willson, mother

Penelope Allen, Mother of four, therapist/healer

Alison NichollsMother

Veronica Carver

Leah Wooding

Leah Gunn Barrett

Susan PhillipsNurse

Finn Raven

Polly Tuckett

Amba Shah

Jo Stock

Susan Phillips

Solveig Senft

Andrew Hitchcock

Patricia Edwards

Barbara Spence

Beverley Turner

Gina Taylor, Mother and activist

Jill Davies, Ice Angels

Vanessa Evans

CM Daventry

Lesley Cottle

James Mackenzie

Carolyn Purves

Claire Hutcheson

Lynne Chellingworth

Peter Biggs

Neil Russell

Anne James

Karen Richardson

Anne Ford

Mary C Smith

David Cheal

H Thistlethwaite

Sean McDonagh

Julie Straw

Keith Savage, Counsellor

Paula Fay

Stuart Roberts

Christina Goeke

Leslie Renfrew, Mother of 2

Dr Christina James

Alasdair Dickson

Linda Johnson

Lillian Aldus

Glenn Williams

Joy Clifford

Una Smith

Lloyd Terrett

Amy Poole

Russell Biggs

Lynne Keys

Kate Salway

Bethany Hitchens

Katherine Lane

Eve Lennard

H Jackson

Loretta Kane

Emma Mcsharry

Moira Wrathall

Jennifer Chan, Mother

Dani Hart

Valerie Perman

Julie Barlow

Stephen Phillips

Lynne Peacock

David Crozier

Gill Jones

Sandy Smith

Kathy Spencer, Teacher (retired)

Maxine Sullivan

Renee Allen

Ingrid Fountain, Marketing Executive

Rabbi zvi L Solomons, Rabbi, JCoB

L Rea, Mother

J Beck

Gail Slavin, Retired woman   

Poppy mccoll, Social worker  

Jeannine Parent, Supporter   

Clare Perry, Woman  

Lalita Devi, Woman   

Tamsin Griffiths, Woman      

Georgina Watson

Lisa Tebbutt

Julie Goldsmith

Amber Hartman

Karen O’Neill

Linda Wild


Angela Vaughan

Margot Williams

Catherine Roberts

Simon Fairburn

Renate Bob

Khalid Alvi

S. Linhart

Elizabeth Fleming

Samantha Brown

Caroline Rynn

Robert Jenner

J Mason

rebecca dawe

Melissa Friedberg

Grace Ansani

Saskia Palmer

James Goodson

Hilly Parkins

Paul Smart

Jayne J. Henderson

Rebekah Sharpe

E. Swimmer

C Outten

Alison Oliver

Grant Cawley

Bridget Derc

Julian Self

Jennifer Trethyn

Dominika Oliver


Kelly Richardson

Christine Lee

Daniel Tril

Suzanne Moore

Maria Armstrong

Madeleine Fitch

Cathy Taylor

Emma Louise Monaghan

Rebecca Penders

Katharine Samuel

Jennifer Kent

Gareth Johnstone

Gabrielle B

Christine Lim

Deborah Davy

Andreana Sutherlans

Clare Brown

David McGiffen

Derek Kennedy

Angelica Lindsay

Paul Beattie

Cheryl McCarthy

Patrick Doyle

Denise Ward

Fay Boans

Jill Hirst

Joanna Louise Mates, Mother

Barbara morrissey

Holly Ellyatt

Jennifer Mates, Grandmother

Tom Johnson, HR Manager

Ian Evans

Mia Jenni Elisa Mates, Beautician and Mother, Coco Cosmetics and The Body Lounge

Georgie Mates, Trainee Teacher

Katherine Aiken

Amanda Harkness

Dr C Holdridge, GP

Heather Pymar, Mother

Elizabeth Gray, Mother

Helen Gair

Jill Leigh, Social worker, Kent

Patricia Walsh

Sally Cotty

Judith Harrop

Denise J Stones

K Williams, Teacher

Ruth Stanley

Lesley Hammond

Esther Lord

Andrea Jones

Leila Chan, Counsellor

Caroline Chirnside

Marie Rendell

Anna Tuckett

Joy Clarke

Stella Rainbow

Miranda Coulson, Womens rights campaigner, Adult human female

Stephen Price

Josephine Botting

Hugh Byrne, Obstetrician

Jonathan Rickard

Rowena Easton

Colin Lenton, Father., NHS

Soreh Levy, Health worker

Kevin Darlington

Lesley Hammond

Jennifer Sachdev

Louise Shiers, Registered Nurse, NHS

Stephen Woodhouse

Emma Pettican

Farzana Ismail

Fiona slade, Midwife, Manchester foundation trust

Sheila Roderick, Mother

Margarethe Batteson

Dr Natalie Roberts, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, NHS

Jill Farrell, Mother

Lorraine Shipley, Nurse

Kate Dean

Susan Williams

Gary Dixon

Joe McGann

Dr Sonya Andermahr

Rebecca McNeil

Margaret McIntyre, Mother grandmother sister and daughter, Concerned women who has had a boy and girl

Clifford Ian Lomasx, Concerned Citizen, Husband and Father

Marit Stevens, Mother and woman

Pam Millar

Jane Carlisle-Leahy

Tessa Finch, Mother

Susan Robinson

Linda Ferguson, Retired NHS worker

Susie Webb, Mother

Rosie Montgomery

Sue Ward

Pip Lee

Susanna Hall Roberts

Lucy Smith

linda murdoch, Student, University of Glasgow

Geraldine Gallagher

Chris Batey

Jo Wright

Andrea Fay

Louise Carpenter, Mother of young woman

Georgina Sparrow, Retired Midwife

Jayne Vaun, Education

Anne Cooling, Mother

Jean Calder

M Foley, Retired Social Worker

Jacqueline McSharry, Welfare Officer, Solace Counselling.

William Quirk

Lizzy Brown, Civil Engineer, Woman, Mother

Hamish McIntyre

morna simpson, Design Research

Shelley, RGN

Julie Courtney, Biological woman!

Mary Berry Lamb

Susan Bradshaw

MKL anon

Emma Pageot

Drew stubbs

Jennifer Smith, Adult female

Susan Dixon, Pharmaceutical professional

Jean Bartrum

Sally Maslen, Retired midwife

Lisa Blayden

Elena Macleod

Francesca Muscroft, Mother of three

Dr Sheila Henderson, Woman

Jude Urwin

Donal Hughes

Rachel Lee

Jacklyn Lavery

Margarethe Batteson

Suzanne Airey, Counsellor/Therapist

M Vigar BSc, Shropshire Women’s Rights Network

Emma Hill

Toni Meredew, Teacher, Retired

Angela Plotel

Alicia Sufit

Sally Ingrey, Former Lecturer, Now retired.

Fenella Maddison, Former nurse 25 yrs NHS

Fred Franks

Sarah Bettison, Woman

Margaret Egrot, Retired social worker

Kirsty Fox, Mother

Kelly Bowles

kay anderson

Kate Howard, Mother Parent and Teacher

David Hansell

Elizabeth Davies, Educator

Karen Overton, Journalist and mother

Fiona Davis

Abigail Crawley, Senior Midwife

Christine Sinclair, Ex nurse (retired)

Jayne Fellows

Claire Cottom

Ruth Conlock, Former Social Worker

Alicia Sufit, Biological female, None

Marina Moss

Neil Conlock, Former Psychiatric Nurse

Margaret Mageean

Una-Jane Winfield, Transwidow and previously post-natal supporter (including breastfeeding supporter) at National Childbirth Trust, Transwidows and National Childbirth Trust

Anne Phipps

Olwen Moseley

Anonymous, Woman, mother and previously a breastfeeding peer-supporter

Gill Hunter

Chris Balchin

Lynn Vooght, Senior Occupational Therapist, NHS

Mary Casey

Maria Starling

Lynne Chellingworth

Sally Lawrence

Anna Chetwynd, Architect

Gary Vallier, Father and Grandfather

Helena Wojtczak

Julia South

Julia Pannell

Annie Tunnicliffe, Retired counsellor

Elizabeth Davison

Jessica Jones, Retired GP and former safeguarding lead, NHS

Alice Breed, Mother

Leigh Noble

Sharon OBrien

Paul Booth

Sarah Gellner, Mother

Gilly Langley, Librarian, University of Leeds

Julia Graves

Sharon Close

Chris Quinn

Dr David Hartin, EM Consultant

Steven Williamson

Daire McGrath

Alison Stancliffe

Caroline Struthers

Shelley Morris

Alexandra Curtain

Shelley Morris

Eileen Gilpin

Teresa Hobday, Therapist, Self Employed

Val Robertson, Mother and Grandmother

Patricia Scully, Registered Nurse, SNHS

Deirdre Feehan

Angharad Joseph

Rebecca Mordan, Social archivist, modern feminist experiences, Scary Little Girls

Tamsin Taylor

Sarah Smith, Mother

Mairi Henderson, Mother who breastfed, you cannot take that away from me and should not seek to take it away from other females.


Sara White

Lynne sheridan

Steve Smith, Engineer, Self Employed

C Fearon

Julie West

Rose Yates, Concerned Citizen

Catherine Simoni

Rod Webb

Marie Swann

Jan Cowan

Hilary Lowson

Tim Venables

Jessica Snape

Francis Wellington

Christine Underwood

John C Preston, Musician, Self Employed

Sarah Wilkinson, Concerned woman

Sharon Stanfield

Fay Denton

Trisha Kelly, Senior Lecturer in Social Work ( retired).

Stewart Crabtree

Jenny Slade, Local Government

Claire Tchaikowski, Founder/Director, Human Milk

Claire Bellot

Linda Beattie, Specialist midwife, GG&Clyde NHS Trust

Beverley Jenkinson

Kim Metcalf

A Brodigan

Elcizabeth Marsden

Thea Daum, Mother of three

Rochelle Firth, NHS

Carol Ackroyd, Mother, Grandmother

Rozy Wells

Vivian Burman

Emma Ko

Adrian Dalton

Brendan Staunton, Copywriter, Nail On The Head

Michael Bolton

Mandy Sutton

Daniel Sanchez

Carolyn Dugdale, Taxpayer

Verity Conway, Mother & Doula

Nina Piras

Helen Smith, Retired teacher

MS JULIE C MACLUSKY, Mother and Candidate for Local Council elections

Janet saunt

Pauline Price, Retired GP, NHS

Michael Dunphy

Jill Thirkell, Piano teacher

A drew bywaters

Katie Davies

Christian Thompson, Mental Health Nurse, NHS

Miriam Main

James Harrison

andy byeater

Jane Irving

Patricia Innes

Denise, Teacher

Faith Bowman, Woman, Retired

Andrei Doicin

Natalie Wilson, Mother, Mother

Samantha Henry

Dara Morefield, Taxpayer & NHS user

Eileen Comerford, Woman, Mother, Grandmother

Dave Taylor, NHS supporter wanting to avoid wasting money on this bogus project

Z Wood, Clinical healthcare staff

Susan Austin, Educator

Peter Yates

Jennifer Griffiths, Volunteer Tutor of English for Refugees

Amanda Lucas, Mother

Nathan Townshend, Father, grandfather, Sandbach School

Brendan Martin

Kit Read

Mrs B Stacey, Woman

Helen Dunlea, Retired teacher and systemic family therapy manager

Katie Graham, Mother

Genevieve Jordan, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Mother

J R Attar

Essy Fanshawe

Hebe Powell, Mother of two

Sara Tyrrel, Woman, mother, carer

Helen Dunlea, Retired teacher and systemic family therapy manager

T Hough

Rachel K, Nurse

Doreen Pugh

Heather James

Stuart Healey

Stephanie Hedger

Rosie Courtney

Kate Flather

Shah Wharton

Therese Munn

Esther weisz

Nicola Porter, GP

Katie matthews

Anna Brown, Carer

Francis Dougan

Simon Paul Greenham

Deborah Hamilton, Community links worker

Neil Elphinstone

Christine Emmett, Mother, concerned abt overstretched resources

Samantha Haycock

Mr Matthew Hayden

K Armour

Denise Prideaux

Hania Cooper

Cleo Evans

Lucy, Pregnant woman

Julie Evans

Hilary Axelrod, Retired

Hilary Penney

Rosemary Johnston

Dr Peter R Ashby BSc PhD

Melissa Taylor

Linda King, Nurse and breasteeding volunteer

Holly Ellyatt

Chris McMahon

Jennifer Clarke

Lucy Rochester

Linda Pepper, NHS Trust public governor

Rachael Smith

Jane worsley

John Kerfoot

Jayne Fellows

Kathryn Holding, Great Grandmother

michael macintyre

Paula Hannon

Shelagh Morgan

Jennifer Kerfoot

Ela Manser

Marian Carty, Teacher Educator, mother & grandmother

Duncan Smethurst

Natasha Edstrom, Mother

Jacqueline Morley

Francesca Lombardo

Christian Garland

Catherine Bull, Mental health Professional

Marion Martin

Hannah Anthony

Pam Martin

Lesley Hilling

Catherine Lomas

Ms. Azra Dale

R Johnstone, Mother

Caterina Conte

Caterina Conte

Paul Rutherford, Civil Servant, DWP

Joanna Griffiths

Michael Kent

Terry Barrow

Olwyn Curwen

Chris Curwen

Annie George

Christine Brumpton, Teacher and mother

K Johnson, Midwife, NHS

Teresa Fallon

Maggie Jihan, Retired home birth midwife

MaryFaith Autumn, BSL/English Interpreter (Retired)

S Taylor

Sam Young

Louise Gaynor, UCL

C Holland, Mother

D Blakely

Sam Young

Roy Codrington

Susan James, Mother

Natalie Peacock, Mother

Kate Buchanan

Helen Law

Elizabeth Purslow, Staff Nurse, NHS

Shonagh Buchanan

A Thomas

Harriet Marzec

Lucy Charlesworth

Mariusz Marzec

Georgina Charlesworth

Kimberly strueli

Cath cook

Lauren Sleeman

Kaja Marzec

Weston Charlesworth

Farah Rashan, Aerospace engineering

Donna Rivet, Retired teacher

Emma Lewandowski

Robin Jones, Midwife

Susie Wilson

Helena Binder

Elizabeth Oldroyd, Medical student

Dr A M John, Mother and breastfeedeer

Emily Knox

Michael D Dennis, Program Director/ Fleet Development, Image Clear Ultrasound

Victoria Tebbs

Sarah Roberts


Louise Parker

Deborah Allen

Dr Denise Williams, Consultant Gynaecology/Sexual and Reproductive Health, NHS

Rachelle Rush, Mother of Girls, Woman, Feminist

Hannah Pieri, Domestic Abuse Worker

Marilyn Higham, Retired Mental Health Registered Nurse

Daniel Mooring

Jane Kidd

Jennifer B

Jessica Gibson

Tara Ford, Mother

Chris Moore

EJ Lucas

G Worthington

Anne Woodhouse, Clinical Psychologist (formerly SCBU) and mother

A Povey

Nuala King

Leigh Andrews, Paralegal

Rose Rowson, Woman and mother

Peter Murdoch

Jeni England, Concerned member of the public

Victoria, mother

Anne Morgan

Gemma Shepherd, Former breastfeeding counsellor, mother

Maritza Uzelac, Retired mother and grandma, Womankind

Mrs Angela Mehra

Natalie Phillips

Lisa Connor, Midwife, BHRUT


Jenny Smith, Occ Threapist (ret.), Ex NHS

Holly Jones

Karyn Waladkewics

Karen Guilliland, Consultant Midwife New Zealand

Khia David, Concerned woman

Jean Dowton, Psychotherapist

Lucy Cordwell, Research Professional

Jasmine H

Tracey Brisband

Katy Lane

A Law

Wendy Stokes, User of NHS maternity services

Gayle Gander

rhonda swainson, mother and grandmother

Valerie Keen

Jan Shepherd

Jocelyn Gaskell

Carolyn Murray, Retired

Penny Burgess, Penelope Textiles

Allison Jones, Mum

Charlotte MW

D Powell, MSc Applied Health Research

Laurie Cowden

Rona Stewart

Imogen Porter, Mother and events producer

Sarah Quick

Tracey Moore

Fiona Tchen

Alison, Woman/service user

Fran Batin

Tish Naughton

Celia Mindelsohn

Stuart Davis

Susan Palin

Louisa Aldridge

Les Warburton-Marsh


Lisa Ward, Mother & Concerned Citizen

Amber Vitai

Dr Sophie Riches, Statistician and former clinical scientist

Bobby King, Designer

David McAllister

William Beedie

Jean Beedie

Abigail Beedie

Emily Wilson

Nikki Beedie

Jessica Beedie

Anna Denton

Kimberley Hayter, Teacher

Yvonne Manly

Emma Barker-Lloyd

Finella Hill, Systemic/Family Psychotherapist

Simon Kiddle

Dr Dionne Joseph

Catherine Curtis

Karen Anne Sage

Maria Mills Shaw

Holly Byrne

Elizabeth Carter, breastfeeding peer supporter

Samantha wright, Community midwife, NHS

Patricia Gillen

Jessica Armstrong, Breastfeeding peer counsellor

Jacqueline Kemp

K Matthews

Dr Carly Brooks

Susan Holmes, Retired Trained General Nurse

L Sinclair

Veronica Blanco, Midwife

Dani Ahrens, Brighton Women’s Liberation Collective (Sisters Salon)

Tracey Smith

Beverley Siddle

Lisa Markham, Specialist PA (Disability ), Independent

Magda Bartosch

Linda Lancz

Fran Zuliani-Holland

Jennifer Jane Fortune, Architect, Labour Party

Daniel Davis, Consultant Physician

Cllr Terry Barrow, Labour Councillor and Ret nurse

Khan Jooneed, Writer, Journalist and Rights Activist, Journalist/Writer/Rights Activist

Helen St Luce

Julie Wild

Katherine S

Joanne Goff, Senior Immunisation nurse

Stewart Gibb

Sharon Stanfield

Amanda Burleigh, Midwife/nurse, NHS

Jane Reed, Mother

Emma Patel

Mandy Robinson

Julia Gallacher

CC, I work with high risk pregnant women in the volunteer sector


Louise Shiers, Registered Nurse, NHS

Linda Bentley

Jo catterall

Emma Thomas, Children of Transitioners

Fiona Innes, Practice Nurse, Dingle Park Doctors

Elina Riuttanen

Amy Carr

Jo Burnett, Social Prescriber

Janet Llewellyn Dunn

Melanie Radford, Maternity investigator

Jennifer Spencer-Welsh

Dr Clare Davison, Midwife and academic

Nicola Benge

Jayne Egerton, Mother

Terence Waites, Father of an NHS Employee

Ann Woods, Mother

Carol Gibbons

Emma Lester

Mary Garner, Therapist

D Wilson

Lynne Evans, Psychotherapist

Lucy Wainwright

Carolyn Brown, Psychologist, Retired

Jo Gaylor

Joanne Wright

Anne Glynn, Self employed

Ava Glynn

Derek Irwin

V Haynes

Lynn Alderson


Karin Glennon

Victoria Richards

Ali Rhind

Debra Fox

Charles Gregory

M Hewitt, Midwife, NHS

Nicola Kerry, Adult human female & mother

Joyce McCarthy, A mother

Rebecca Winter

Carol Bwden, Mother

Sally Bishop

Gwen Chapman

Natalie Seeve McKenna, education / parenting

Cheryl Tempest

Andrea Boon

Stephen Bryan

Susan Jarman, Midwife


Harriet Dodsworth, Doctor

Gill Fox, Retired nurse and health educator

D Evans, Trainee psychotherapist

Kerry Taylor

Dr Adela Boak, Exeter University

Susan Burlace

Sharon wells

Sybil Peters

Margaret Jowitt, researcher

Stephanie lewis, Paramedic

Patricia Heaney

Sarah Barratt, Complementary Therapist

Jenny Rust, Former NCT Breasttfeeding Counsellor

Heather Britton

Perveen Aslam

L Williams

L C Williams

Chris Holt

Francis Walter

Caroline Jamieson, Social Work

Imogen Thorpe

Jan Edoe

Louise Parker

Julia Mathias

David Flint

Alex Morgan

Linda Oubridge BA (hons)

Fiona Karbal

C. Ryan, teaching assistant, Primary School

Laura Epstein, GP

Pauline Price, retired GP, NHS

Louise Bowyer, Mother

Denise Burchard

Matt Angell

Joe Green, GP Partner

angela nash, midwife, HHFT

Seonaid Gardiner-Keir

Lynda Constable

Sharron Taylor

Simon Grant, Consultant Obstetrician

Lucy Gee

Nicky Cowan, Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr Marcus Allen

Hugh Byrne, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Delia Morris, Retired nurse, social worker, mother of two.

P Hodge

Mark Hammonds

Aaron jamieson

Catherine Tutt, Retired nurse

Sarah Cole, Midwife

Dr Maja Bowen

Stef Heinrich

Marion Macleod, Researcher

Jenny Smith, FE Pastoral Support & Guidance Tutor

Lindsay Copeland, Former midwife, NHS Scotland

Suzi Eves, HCA

Marilyn Herman (Dr)

Linda Gemmill

Z Morse

Ms. B. Norville, Mother of trans son

Christine Sinclair

Julie Seddon

Sarah Cummings

Heidi Tattersall

Emma Hamilton

Christine McLaughlin

Deni Sevenoaks

Lynn Smith, Midwife, Independent

Joanna Bottiglieri

Patricia bailey

Patricia bailey

Charles Hart

Quentin Kean

Claire Patience

Gerry Smith

Anne-Marie Evans

Nina Wright, Retired Psychotherapist, UKCP

Paul Stirman

Brian Moore

Susie Gardiner, Mum

Amanda Tatton

Dee OConnor, Midwife, NHS

Jenny Glynn

Julie Goldsmith

Simon Edwards, Chief Executive CCN

Dr Martin F Seely, Retired GP, Salford & Trafford

Amber, Mother who has recently had two babies

Jenny Thompson

Francesca Iannelli

Romi Elnagar, mother

Dorothy Lindsay, Woman, Mother, Grandmother

Mary Hetherington

Jade Webb, Ex Nurse

Penny patton

Lesley, Landlord, Self employed

Michelle Anderson

Louise Marsh

Ella Beane

Victoria McKenna

John Copier

Rachel Morar

Eva Schmidt, Mother

(Last updated: 15 Jan, 11:35pm)


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  1. I support the letter which says that the money for this project would be better spent elsewhere. I also believe that changing the meaning of words such as mother and breastfeeding has huge potential to lead to confusion and misunderstandings. Trans advocates appear to be driving an agenda which damages women. Real women or should I say biological women. The impact of change and the negative affect it has on the majority of women should be considered for carefully and with robust research.


  2. This is wrong, women need their own words and language to be used, in every section of law, nhs, particularly in maternity. It shouldn’t need to be said.


  3. i find it quite ironic that as women try to take their place in the human world, run by men and their morals, that we are being actually shut out by changing the words that define us and so denying we exist. how very bizarre?!


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