Open letter to the BPAS Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team

Please sign our letter to the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS)

This is an open letter to the BPAS Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team in support of their recent strategy document, in which they explain why they feel it is important to retain the word ‘woman’ when delivering services and championing rights in pregnancy.

To read the BPAS strategy document in full click here.

A huge thank you to the 1,743 people who signed this letter. The form is now closed and we are no longer adding names to the page, but you are still very welcome to add your name and any thoughts via the comments section at the bottom of this page if you would like to.

Dear BPAS Board of Trustees and Senior Management Team,

We write to you as a collective of maternity and health workers, academics, activists, researchers, service users, professionals, and campaigners, with the desire to support your recent decision to retain the word ‘woman’ when delivering services and championing rights in pregnancy.

The use of unambiguous sexed language is important when describing and challenging issues which are specific to biological sex, rather than relative to gender identity.

Women’s reproductive rights have long been the subject of sex-based oppression, with abortion in particular being an area in which laws and decisions about women’s bodily autonomy are made by men. This remains a topical issue in the US, Poland and Brazil. We were therefore heartened to see the recent strategy document from BPAS.

In the current environment, we witness more and more pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding and menstruation organisations and policies decentralising the word woman from their language. Some adopt ‘additive language’, and use phrases like, ‘women and birthing people’, while others remove the word woman altogether, a recent example being the removal of the word ‘mother’ from Scottish maternity policy.

For many women the words ‘mother’, and ‘woman’ hold important value and status and they do not wish to see “gender neutralised” i.e. de-sexed language, in particular in areas of reproductive healthcare. It is possible to treat marginalised groups with respect and dignity, and offer individualised care in which people are referred to as they wish, without changing language at population level.

It is also notable that no men’s organisations are currently under pressure to change their language. Indeed, the charity Prostate Cancer UK, when asked recently why their tweets were aimed at ‘men’, responded: “We are of course aware that trans women have prostates, however we want to reach as many at-risk individuals as possible and have chosen to use the word men to achieve this.” We are unaware of any backlash to this statement.

BPAS make their position clear when they state:

“Women’s reproductive healthcare and choices remain regulated and restricted in the way they are precisely because they are women’s issues, sadly still bound up with heavily gendered and judgmental approaches to female sexuality, ideals of motherhood and expectations of maternal sacrifice, and the need to control women’s bodies and choices. If we cannot clearly articulate that it is predominantly women, rather than people at large, who are affected by this we will find it much harder to dismantle a framework that today is still underpinned by sexism, and achieve a broader goal of ensuring that everyone, no matter how they identify, can access the care and support they need as swiftly and straightforwardly as possible.”

We also appreciate the clearly stated policy of inclusion from BPAS, that specialist pathways are available for people experiencing gender dysphoria, in recognition that this may be particularly challenging for them. We believe that this is a more appropriate philosophy of care than denying biological reality.

We believe BPAS pave the way for others and show us how the inclusion of marginalised groups does not have to be at the expense of sex based language. They also highlight the importance of naming women in the fight against systemic sexism and misogyny.

We stand with BPAS and offer our full support to their position.


Charlotte Edun, Academic & Doula, UK

Heather Welford, Retired Breastfeeding Tutor, UK

Robin Jones, La Leche League Leader and midwife

A. Crawley, Midwife, UK

Jessica Armstrong, Breastfeeding counsellor

Lisa Moro, Retired La Leche League Leader, UK

Fiona Tarantino Poliri, Breastfeeding activist, Boobstock, UK

Louise Somerville, Mother of 3, Women’s Voices Matter, UK

Arianwen Harris

Anon, MVP Chair, UK

Joanne Gilchrist, Nurse, NHS, UK

Phyllida Warmington, Doula, UK

Emily Romano, Fertility Midwife/Sonographer, UK

Serafine Nichols, Midwife, Lactation Consultant

Julie Dyball, Breastfeeding Counsellor, UK

Rose Rickford, PHD student, University of York, UK

Yolanda Forster, Teacher, mother, UK

Milli Hill, Author and Journalist, UK

Anon, Breastfeeding Counsellor, UK

Becky Scott, Midwife, Taunton and somerset nhs foundation trust, UK

Bronwen Davies, Service user, Abortion Rights Cardiff, UK

Selina Wallis, Doula and Public Involvement Manager, UK

Anon, Doula, UK

Kate McLennan, Women’s sector, UK

Kirsten, Midwife

Sarah Ardizzone, Midwife, NHS, UK

Eleanor Copp, Midwife, UK

Supportive Mother, Midwife, Association of Radical Midwives (Member), UK

Elizabeth Woolfenden, Midwife, Independen

Carey Wood, Volunteer Breastfeeding Counsellor

Katherine Carney, Senior Midwife, UK

Charlotte Wells, RGN, NHS, UK

Eleanor Hill, Secretary, Abortion Rights Cardiff, UK

Anon, Breastfeeding Counsellor, UK

Sally Cusack, Consumer Representative, Northern NSW Local Health District, Australia

Rebecca Brueton, VictimFocus, UK

Nicola Benge, Project Manager, UK

Nicky Neighbour, Retired Antenatal Practitioner, UK

Lisa Briggs

Chris Holt, UK

Lou Crisfield, UK

Sarah Mower, Teacher, UK

Azure Rigney, Health consumer rep

Phoebe Nicholson-Pallett, Research and Evaluation Officer, UK

A Lehmann, author, UK

Sharon Cooper, UK

Janet Lallysmith, Mental Health Specialist, UK

Anonymous, Breastfeeding Counsellor

Morven Magari, UK

Iseult White, Psychotherapist

Kate Cooper, Mother, UK

Inji Duducu, UK

Sarah Crofts, Social care professional (Mental Health), UK

Tracey Smith, Labour Women’s Declaration Working Group, UK

Anonymous, Warwickshire County Council, UK

Lisa Marchiano, Author

A Hartley, Health worker, Self employed, UK

Bev White, UK

S Carlssen, UK

Carl Taylor, HE worker, UK

Tessa McInnes, UK

Sally Wainwright, Womens rights campaigner, Women Speak Scotland, UK

Lynn Thomason, UK

Michaela Ridgway, Campaigner, UK

Kaye McIntosh, UK

Andrea Jackson, UK

Gerry Holloway, Woman, UK

Liz Pitt, UK

Kay Warner, UK

Marina Obratov, Care Worker, Wavertree House, UK

Tracy Shaw, UK

Ali Ceesay, Service user, Women’s Equality Party, UK

Harriet Wilder, UK

Freya Papworh, UK

Leyla Burns, Teacher, UK

Maggie Dobson, UK

Gillian Moran, UK

Catherine Prior, UK

Anni Tracy, UK

Liz Proudfoot, UK

Eileen Clarke, UK

Jean Molloy, Adult human female, UK

Alison Wren, Mother of 3 and retired biology lecturer, UK

Jasmine Sussex, 17 year member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association

Christine Toft, Therapist, Mobius Consultancy Training, UK

Ann Sinnott, Former lead councillor on domestic abuse and sexual violence, Author of a breastfeeding book, Director, AEA, UK

Charlotte Edwards, UK

Anne James, UK

Caroline Hardman, UK

Kristina Turner, Co-founder, Own Your Birth

Kay Green, UK

Sophie Leighton, Antenatal teacher and doula, UK

Rebecca Durand, Teacher of English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL), UK

Andreia Nobre, Voluntary doula

Shona Campbell, UK

Amanda Freeman, UK

Colette MacDonald, UK

Ann Moran, UK

Emma MacLeod, Service user, UK

Val Carpenter, Woman campaigner, WEP Sex Based Rights Caucus, UK

Maria-Helena Santamaria, Concerned citizen, UK

Maxine Howells, UK

L Bucklow, UK

Rachel King, UK

Zoe Roxon-Hunter, Registered nurse and volunteer breastfeeding peer supporter

Dani Ahrens, Contributing editor, The Radical Notion, UK

Olly Lambert, Filmmaker, UK

Christina Perridge, Midwife, Independent, UK

Victoria Wilson, UK

Amy Sutton, Great Ormond Street Hospital, UK

Drew Perridge, UK

Tess McLeish, Midwife, UK

Rebecca Byrne, UK

Amy Kufuor, Antenatal Educator, UK

Kellie Ziemba, UK

A woman and mother, Lawyer, UK

Debbie Wakeford, UK

Ann Hughes-Wilson, UK

Rebecca Griffith, Massage therapist, UK

Hazel Jones, Lactation Consultant, UK

Jocelyn A, Self-employed, UK

Kathryn Pope, Executive Coach and Mother of 3, UK

Katie Hawks, UK

Briony Lambert, UK

Maria Mills Shaw, Midwife, UK

Anonymous Practitioner (not safe to share my name, regrettably – risk to my paid role), Antenatal Teacher, UK

Wendy, Midwife, UK

Helen Bailey, Service user in the past, UK

Y, Radiographer, Bmi Circle Healthcare, UK

Julia Van Coevorden, Woman, Mother, Grandmother, Retired teacher, UK

Rebekah Wershbale, UK

Clare Goggin, Service user and author, UK

Alison Simmons, UK

Clare Davison

Frankie Lawrence MA, Retired, South Downs NHS Trust

Clarissa Smith, UK

S Quinn, UK

Sue Riley, UK

Helen Saxby, Writer and Women’s Rights Campaigner, UK

Pam Finch, UK

Scarlet Harris, UK

Liz, UK

Margaret Jowitt, writer, UK

Barbara Higham, Former Editor of Breastfeeding Today’, UK

Dr Shonagh Dillon, CEO, Aurora New Dawn, UK

Stella O’Malley, Psychotherapist

Lucy Masoud, Barrister, UK

Zoe Salter, Midwife, NHS, UK

J Gourley, UK

Louise Cole, PA, UK

Belinda Phipps, Past NCT CEO, past Chair The Fawcett Society, UK

Roni B, UK

Emma Bateman, Chief Operating Officer, Education, UK

Ann Stevens, Public Health Nurse, UK

Jean Hatchet, Feminist campaigner, UK

Kat Busby Hicks, Feminist activist and breastfeeding mother, Founder Member Women’s Equality Party, UK

Liz, Breastfeeding Counsellor, UK

Nicole Jameson, Breastfeeding Peer Support Counsellor

Rachel Horman-Brown, Domestic abuse solicitor and women’s rights campaigner, Watson Ramsbottom Ltd, UK

A concerned perinatal psychotherapist, UK

Onjali Q. Rauf, Founder & CEO, Making Herstory, UK

Helen Marshall, IBCLC

Jo Darling, Acupuncturist, UK

Edwina Wolstencroft, UK

Kelly Wild, Antenatal Teacher, UK

Christine Aslett, Director, Adaptive Modules, UK

Lesley (Leah) Levane, UK

Sam Mackley, Estate manager, Hopegar properties ltd, UK

Melanie Anning, UK

CJ Smith, Communications, UK

Celia Mindelsohn, UK

Gordon Couper, Biology teacher, Aberdeenshire Council, UK

Stephen Oliver, UK

Elaine Bell, UK

Jacqueline Abercromby-Stagg, Stay at home Mum, UK

Helen, UK

Tim Bishop

Raquel Rosario Sanchez, Centre for Gender and Violence Research, UK

S Ladwa, Woman, UK

Eileen Potocnak Arnold, Computer Scientist

Clare Malloy, Woman and mother, UK

Natalie Fernandez, UK

Amelia Coleman

Georgina Hicks, Semi retired Mental Health Nurse, UK

Sharon Whiteside, UK

Wendy D, Maternity nurse, UK

Simone Cutlack, Woman

Clare King, UK

Jayne Allen, Domestic Abuse Worker, UK

Lucy Ward, Author and journalist, UK

L Swithern, Early help keyworker, East Sussex council, UK

Sue Thorne, Retired Community Development Officer, Local Education Authority, UK

Tamlyn Fraiquin, UK

Helen Wills-Wood, UK

Sarah Pedersen, Professor and author on motherhood, Robert Gordon University, UK

Anon, Psychologist, NHS, UK

K Souper, Retired Dr, UK

Margaret Conlon, Teacher

Jean Belton, Woman and Mother, UK

Charlotte Spong, Landlord (residential), Self employed, UK

Katy Windeatt, Mother, UK

Karen Hodges, UK

Amanda Kenwrick, Mother and Grandmother, UK

Anon, NHS Psychologist, NHS, UK

Marilyn Higham, Mental Health Nurse, UK

Deborah Sanderson, NHS Data Analyst (Maternity), Lancashire, UK

Neil Crosbie, Company director (retired), UK

Jessica Snape, UK

Margaret Goodfellow, Mother, retired librarian and trained biologist, UK

Barbara Lindsay, Mother and academic (retired), UK

Gwen Rhys, Founder & CEO, Women in the City, UK

Jen Phillips, Mother, UK

Jane Roffe, UK

Lorraine Simpson, UK

Jessica Evans Academic, UK

Trisha Brooks, Senior Probation Officer, The Probation Service, UK

Kelly Bailey, Holistic Therapist, UK

Molly O’Brien, Midwife, UK

Felicity Miller, Antenatal educator, The Wise Hippo, UK

Claire Mills, Doctor (women’s health), UK

Bernadette Stott, UK

David Morgan, Consultant Psychotherapist, Public Interest Psychology Ltd, UK

Polly Morph, Sculptor, Morwenna Lake Studio, UK

Dr Sonya Andermahr, Former SL in Women’s Studies, University of Northampton, UK

Rebecca Roberts, Mother, grandmother, woman., NHS Mental Health, UK

M Osner, UK

Christine Cameron, A Mother of 3, Housewife, UK

Dorothea Annison, Huddersfield Radical Feminists, UK

Cátia Freitas, Contributing Editor, The Radical Notion, UK

Katharine Edwards, Trustee of a trauma therapy charity, UK

Una Maclean, Woman and Mother, UK

Sharon Facey, VAWG Practitioner & Activist, UK

Pete A, Husband/Father/Member of the Public, UK

Rachel Miller, Teacher of family planning and womens reproductive health, UK

Anon, Healthcare Assistant, UK

Sarah, Mother, woman, UK

M.J. Fahy, Author, Illustrator, UK

Satu Susanna Rommi

Cllr Zoe Hatch, Law Student & Local Councillor, UK

Roslyn Holcomb

Zoe Rowley, Secondary school teacher, UK

Gill Pinch, Mother, UK

Debbie Waldon, Administrator, Achieve together, care home providers, UK

Emma Dolan, UK


Gil Ratcliffe, Retired GP Clerical, UK

Marguerite Lazell, UK

Amy, Lawyer and mother, UK

Vanessa Howard, Mother, UK

Jane Robinson, Full time woman, UK

Manuela Torres, UK

Debbie Sweeting, UK

Joanna Thallon, Translator & campaigner, UK

Tamsin Stockton, Peer to peer support worker, UK

Claire howick, Mother, UK

Yrina Ghrabigi, Healthcare Worker & Medical Student, York Trust & Hull York Medical School, UK

Janet Holden, UK

Lyn Bambury, Localities Officer, Leeds City Council, UK

Tanya Day, UK

Anni McBride, UK

Christopher Reason, UK

J Thorn, Mother, activist

Barbara Jennings, Member of the London Women’s Rights Network, Women’s Rights Network England and Wales, UK

Helen White, Registered Nurse, NHS, UK

Lorraine Sitzia, Researcher, UK

Lissy Edwards, Speech and language therapist, UK

Helen, UK

Rebecca Kent, Service user, woman and mother, UK

M Sanders, UK

Aditi Blomgren

C Brealey, UK

Patrizia Marisaldi

K Marshall, Maternity Support Worker & mother, UK

Vicky Booth, Contracts Manager, UK

Kate Tym, Independent celebrant, UK

Sandra Currie, Member, Womens Space Vancouver

Ann Clark, UK

Gillian, Mother, UK

H Jackson, UK

Louise Shuttleworth, UK

Anon, Breastfeeding peer supporter and campaigner, UK

L Clifford, Teacher, UK

Lizzie lloyd, Mother, UK

Laura Walzer, Birth & Postnatal Doula, UK

Glynis Spencer, UK

Linda Hart, Post doctoral researcher

Catherine Reeve-Jones, Senior midwife, Barts Health Trust, UK

Jane Rogers, Ex National Childbirth Trust Advanced Teacher, National Childbirth Trust (retired), UK

Elizabeth Downie, UK

Steph H, Woman, Lesbian, Mother, MVAWG Survivor, UK

Gay Pilgrim, Retired Practice Manager and Health Service trainer, UK

R Dixon, Health Researcher, Bristol University, UK

Louise Hardiman, UK

Judith Green, Midwife, UK

Diane Lawler, Mental Health Support Worker, Housing, UK

Rosemary Curtis, Retired Health Visitor, UK

Patricia Reid, UK

Loreto, Breastfeeding supporter, UK

Heather Goakes, Woman, UK

Violeta Talevska

Sarah Fawcett-Howitt, Mother, feminist, WOMAN, UK

Anne Stafford, Former midwife, UK

Alison Lynch, UK

Anon, Breastfeeding counsellor, UK

Beth Vaughan, Mother of a Daughter, UK

Anna, Mother and trauma therapist, UK

Sharon Jenkins, UK

Jay Williams, Activist, UK

Karen Hession, Midwife, UK

S. Allard, UK

Amy Holden, Perinatal psychologist, World Alive, UK

Jacky Holyoake, UK

Kate Beaumont, Public Health Lead Midwife, Somerset LMNS, UK

Clara Pavey, Support worker, NHS, UK

Anita Gwynn, Teacher, UK

Jo O’Shea, UK

KL, Mother and grandmother, UK

Margo Gillies, Children’s Safeguarder (retired), UK

Lynda Moore, Mental Health Social Work Teacher, University of Leeds, UK

Crow Dillon-Parkin, Artist and educator, UK

Kate Allam, Hypnobirthing teacher, BabyBien, UK

Helen Green, Woman, UK

Sonia Paine, UK

Jo, Mother, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Advanced Diploma in Midwifery, UK

Alyssa Reynolds, Childbirth educator

Jessica Smith, Youth homeless worker. I advocate for some of the most disadvantaged women and girls in our society, Depaul UK, UK

Ann Furedi, Former CEO bpas, Former Chair Governing Body Mid Kent College, UK

Victoria Spence, UK

Carmel Cassidy, Civil Servant, NICS, UK

Emma Hynes, Registered Nurse, UK

Alessandra Ibba

Kathleen Beegan, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher & Doula, Yogabirth, UK

Roger Hawes, UK

Natalie Martindale, Service user, UK

Christine kent, Mother, UK

Jackie Gregory, UK

Dorothy Davies, UK

Dorothy Davies, UK

Louise Hotchkiss, Woman, UK

Lizzy Hones, Teacher, UK

Anonymous (due to professional risk), Public Health Scientist, UK

Liz, Civil Service, Civil Service, UK

Dr J Newell, Research Scientist, UK

Suzie Walker, Mother, UK

Kai-Uwe Bevc, Systems-Manager

Clare Hardy, Mother, UK

Ness Fraser

Andrea Davies, Woman, UK

Victoria Lax, I work in retail, N/A, UK

Joanna Drelaud, UK

Alexandra Geddis, Retired learning consultant, Bristol Local Educational Authority, UK

Nicola Carr, UK

Becky Parker, Consultant midwife, UK

Donna Mitchell, Regular Donator to BPAS, UK

Kate Pendlenton, Parent and teacher, UK

Catherine Tetrick, Mother, Reproductive Rights activist

Gina Nitschke, Woman, mother, primary school teacher, UK

Sue Wright, Mother, grandmother, sometime breastfeeding counsellor, UK

M Watson, Mum of girls, UK

Jessica Hann, UK

Carol Singleton-Hughes, Psychotherapist MA BA (Hons), MBACP, UK

Trudy Lynch, UK

Maria Hodson Production editor, Immediate Media, UK

Anita Marks, Speech and language therapist and mother, NHS, UK

Anonymous, HR Executive, UK

Fiona Forster, NHS worker, UK

Helen Ford, Mother, grand mother, retired teacher, UK

Joanne Harrison, UK

Anne Price, UK

Mark Harris, Midwife, UK

Clare Maddalena, Mother, daughter, sister, woman. I’m also Founder of LushTums, LushTums, UK

Elma Johnson, UK

Jane Davies, UK

Claire Kay, UK

Claire Thomas, Midwife, BPAS, UK

Susan Thomas, UK

Liz Roberts, Teacher, UK

Chris Savage King, UK

Christine Hall, UK

Amanda Chebira, Mother, UK

Ellie Parker, Mother and feminist, UK

Prof. Ellie Lee, Professor, University of Kent, UK

Cass McNamara, Midwife, UK

L Morgan, Solicitor, UK

Rosie Smith, UK

Sandra McNeill, Justice for Women, UK

S.E. James, RGN, UK

Cass McNamara, Midwife, UK

Rachel Palmer, UK

Pauline Hill, Mother, UK

Liz G, Mother, UK

Louise Ängeby, Communications officer

Alex F, UK

Dr David Pilgrim, UK

Hannah Anderson, UK

Evie Griffiths, UK

Gerry Damen, Mother

Alison Brand, UK

Alka Sehgal Cuthbert, Coordinator and Head of Education Strategy, Don’t Divide Us, UK

Amanda Niven, UK

Kerry Street, Sexual health nurse, Abacus Sexual Health Liverpool, UK

Gemma Sharp, Senior Lecturer in Molecular Epidemiology, UK

L McCormack, UK

Caroline Reid, IBCLC, UK

Gerry Robinson, Campaigner, CambsWomen Together, UK

Joanne Fraser, Registered Nurse, NHS Scotland, UK

Nichola Davies, UK

Linda Taylor, Concerned woman, UK

Nicole Lucy-Jones, Birth Worker, UK

Emma, Obstetrics Researcher, NHS, UK

Anonymous Practitioner (not safe to share my name, regrettably – risk to my paid role),  Midwife, UK

Cindy Green, UK

Jo Gould, Senior Lecturer in Midwifery, University of Brighton, UK

Celia Green, Special needs support worker, Honette., UK

Dr Jennie Bristow, Senior Lecturer in Sociology, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK

Josephine Hussey, Teacher, UK

Anna Chetwynd, Architect and mother of 3 kids, UK

Margaret Fairlie, Mother, retired nurse, UK

Jill Flavell, UK

Arwen Nichols, menstrual cycle awareness educator & former breastfeeding counsellor (NCT), National Childbirth Trust (formerly), UK

Karen Brennan, Concerned Woman, UK

Sabina Crouch, UK

Carolyn Ley, UK

Eleanor Hayes, Antenatal educator, Birthzang, UK

Lynn Thomason, UK

Claire Hughes, Retired Nurse

Freya Papworth, UK

Frances Wise, Education, UK

Clare Griffiths, UK

Alex valk, UK

Malcolm, UK

Carrie, Woman, mother, writer

Anonymous, UK

Rebecca Huxtable, UK

Jan Macvarish, UK

Christina Magill, UK

Kirsty, Mother, UK

Dr Maren Thom, Academic, UK

Chris Aram, Retired Midwife, None, UK

Joanne Finkel, Teacher, UK

Heather Sloan, Academic

Carina bennet, HR Director and mother, UK

Christine Turner, Museum Manager, UK

Smith, Senior Support Worker, NHS, UK

Anon (do not feel safe to share name), Physical therapist, Private practice, UK

Jenette Whitfield, UK

Zoe Dabrowska, Mother, UK

Danielle Goodman, Teacher, UK

Kate Yardley, Midwife, UK

Malena Monteverde, Midwife, UK

Susie Taylor, UK

Sarah N, Senior Biomedical Scientist, NHS, UK

Rania Hafez, Associate Professor of Education and Society, UK

Monique Noon, UK

Elaine Grant, Mother/adult human female, UK

Andrea Ball, Mother, daughter, sister., UK

Ruth Wilkinson, UK

P. Jenkins, Daughter, Sister, Mother, Rtd Teacher, UK

Nicky Cowan, Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

Georgina Ward, Mother and teacher

Kathy Lee-Cole, Woman, mother, grandmother, UK

Christine Harrison-Bloomfield, Coach, Coach, UK

Cleo Evans, Mother to be, UK

KS, Nurse, NHS, UK

Ari smith, UK

Natasha Soliman, Midwife, NHS, UK

Jenny Wren, Pregnancy and Birth Doula, The Women’s Witch, UK

Gwen Blanc, Senior HR Advisor, UK

Mary Moreton, Woman and mother, UK

Dr Kate Baxter, UK

Cathy Dalton, Researcher, childbirth rights activist

Emma Long, Unemployed, UK

Lisa De-Vall, Programme manager, UK

Danielle Greene, UK

Mary Denis, A mother who believes in biological reality, UK

Dennis Hayes, Academics For Academic Freedom, UK

Jennie Phenix, Pregnancy and postnatal yoga teacher, UK

Mary Denis, UK

FCM, Doctor, UK

Krysia Rozanska, Mother

Jill Nesbitt

Professor Anonymous – Maternity, Worried Academic, A regrettably anonymous UK university, UK

Helen, Pharmaceutical consultant, mother, UK

Jane Ross-Macdonald, Mother of 3 daughters, UK

Anonymous, UK

Pam Braddock, Mother & grandmother, UK

Amanda Hall, Retired Gynaecology Nurse, UK

Anita Diaz, Teacher, UK

Margaret Egrot, UK

Anonymous, CAMHS Manager, NHS Wales, UK

Gemma, Mother, UK

Margaret Egrot, Writer, UK

Amanda Ryan

Geraldine Curtis CPFA, former councillor LB Lambeth/ALG Equalities Vice Chair, UK

Linda Murdoch, Director Careers, University of Glasgow, University of Glasgow, UK

Jane Galloway, Autistic Advocate, UK

Manick Govinda, Independent Arts Consultant, Freelance, UK

Breda Ellis, UK

Pushpa Panadam, Breastfeeding Counselor

R Rainbow, Supporter of bpas, UK

Kerry Gaskin, Healthcare Professional, UK

Gail Maxwell, UK

Geraldine Halpin


Lauren Gray, UK

L James, Mother, UK

Gemma Oddy, Welfare advice worker, UK

Richard Gaskin, Business Analyst, UK

Linda Johnson, Retired Teacher and Mother, UK

Jane Loe, UK

Camilla Morgan, Freelance writer, Self employed, UK

Yvonne, Mother, UK

Alison, UK

Tash Austin-Brown

Carrie Foster, UK

Una-Jane Winfield, Campaigner for women’s single-sex rights and spaces, transwidow,, UK

Valerie Chadwick, Woman, Womanhood, UK

Juliette O’Grady, Teacher/Hypnobirthing Teacher, UK

Jo Gaylor, UK

Caroline Reeves, personal capacity, UK

Keri Alldritt, Midwife, UK

Kate Elliott, UK

Rachel K, UK

Elisa, UK

Sarah, Mother who gave birth in UK

Gill Rimmer, Women’s Rights Activist, UK

Maeve Lawrence, GP, UK

Jacqui Page, Teacher, UK

Mairead Harrington, Student midwife, UK

Sarah Cardinal, UK

Julia Smith, UK

Gemma Griffiths, Woman and mother, UK

Christine Braithwaite, Woman and Mother, UK

Dr Penny Lewis, Academic, UK

Dr Angela Dixon, GP, Kirkcaldy Health Centre, UK

Anon, Doula, UK

Sarah Davies, Retired Midwifery Lecturer, UK

Laura Collins, UK

Janice D. USA, Woman, Mother

Kate Porter, Midwife

Ciara O’Flaherty, Teacher, UK

Sally Stafford, Campaigner, UK

David J. Nolan

Jenny W, UK

Tracye Bennis-Sine, Mother, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Dr Ruth Mieschbuehler, Senior Lecturer, UK

Sue Brooks, Woman, Retired, Outside UK

Dr K Oliver, Clinical Psychologist, UK

Liz Purslow, Staff Nurse. Previously Midwife, NHS, UK

Cheryl M, Mother, UK

Anon, Illustrator, UK

Vid Stojevic, UK

L Ackerman, Mother, writer, Feminist, UK

Julia Clark, Mother, UK

Victoria Pryde, UK

Teresa Swift, Mother, former healthcare researcher, UK

Mette Bergmann, Mother and nutritionist, UK

Heidi Wilson, UK

Dr Emma Milne, Assistant Professor in Criminal Law & Criminal Justice, Durham University, UK

Hilary Salt, Actuary, Business Owner, First Actuarial LLP, UK

Sarah Arjun, UK

Mary MacCallum Sullivan, Trustee, Human Development Scotland, UK

Wendy Earle, Retired, UK

Hazel Simpson, Mother, UK

Sophie Stockwell, Caregiver, UK

A Campbell, Scheme Manager, UK

Susan Smyth, RN, 

Clare Fenwick-Hyde, UK

Dulcie Thomas, Nurse, NHS, UK

Elena Volkova, Project Manager, UK

Frances Velnaar 

Catherine Curtis

Sara Harrison, Former service user, UK

Lee McKenna, Mother. Supporter of other mothers. Part of a worldwide network of mothers, UK

Amanda Nilmadhub, UK

Casey McKenna, UK

Bronwyn Moir, Midwife

Julia Lucas, Former bpas director, UK

Elle Hutchinson, Housing Manager, UK

Sarah Clare, Mother, UK

Jenn Chisholm, Doula, 

Teresa Dufficy, Community worker, Aberdeen City Council, UK

Diana, WithWomen

Linda Dale, A very concerned woman

Helen K, Mother and scientist, UK

Karen Bercovici, Mother

Jennifer Griffiths, Woman, UK

Sharon Montgomery, Solicitor, UK

Ottilia Ordog, Cultural Leader, UK

Magdalena Fazakas, UK

Joanna eaves, Teacher, Self employed, UK

Niall Crowley, Communications, Education, UK

Victoria Hart, Midwife, NHS, UK

Philip Glasgow, UK

Audrey Gillies, Campaigner, UK

Katherine Sumner, UK

Naomi Marks, UK

Linda Lincoln, UK

Avril Waters, Antenatal practitioner, UK

Ruth Davies, Domestic Abuse Worker, formerly midwife and antenatal teacher, UK

David O’Neill-Street, UK

Wendy Davis, Director, Rooms of our Own, UK

Fiona Goldfinch, Midwife in NZ, Self-Employed

Julie Lewis, UK

Dr Pamela Yerassimou, Consultant Psychiatrist, NHS, UK

Birgitte Dahl, Midwife

Andrea Jones, Journalist and mother, UK

Sheelagh Whitev, Teacher

Rachel Stringer, Teacher, Education, UK

Antonia Mortlock, Mother, UK

Anne-Louise Flynn, Teacher, Wellington Catholic District School Board

Kathleen Chandler, Homeschooling mom

Natalie Roberts, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, UK

Layla tree, Breast feeding peer supporter

M Nolan, UK

Pauline Pollard, Pilates instructor, Pilates7, UK

Zara C, Feminist and Activist, Cannot say for Anonymity, UK

Michelle Thomson, UK

Elizabeth Doyle, Concerned Adult Human Female

Jackie Mearns, Community Worker, UK

Madeline Bennett, UK

Jane Kidd, Mother, daughter, aunt, neice etc, UK

Anon, PhD Student, University College Dublin

emily alcutti, volunteer with impoverished women who become pregnant through (outdoor/street-based) sex work, UK

Iona Hughes, Women’s Rights Campaigner, UK

Elaine Anderson, Mother and proud woman, UK

Helen Rogers, UK

Donna Dunn

Jayne Gosnall, Community Activist, Peer Researcher,, Freelance, UK

Julie Hurst, youth and community worker, UK

Joy Saunders, Retired Domestic Violence Support Worker, UK

Ian Saunders, Retired Police Officer, UK

Frances Bell, UK

Sam Paechter, UK

Cait Murphy, UK

Sally Taplin, Consultant, UK

Sarah Fort Dath, Stevedore, Ports of Auckland

Anonymous, Social Worker, Local Authority, UK

Jane Hardwicke Collings, Women’s Mysteries Teacher

Maria Maskell, Woman, puzzled and worried female human being, UK

Helen Birtwistle, Teacher, UK

Caroline Bissey

Margaret Teleki

Holly Sutherland, Service user, UK

Yvonne McQuaid, Accountant, Private Sector, UK

Nicohle Pritchard

Jacqui Gauld, Woman, Mother, Grandmother, UK

Laura Hall, UK

Susan Hall, Mother

David Newton

Sharon Thorpe, NHS vaccinator, NHS, UK

Patricia McPherson, Branch secretary, UK

Keith Savage, Counsellor, UK

Kris H., Mother

Olivia Lee, UK

Rebecca Buckingham, Midwife, EKHUFT, UK

K Ireland, UK

Lisa Dunne

Sarupa Shah, Writer and Journalist, UK

Carol Stewart

Fleur Ford, Professional

Emma Vernon, UK

Tricia Reilly, Mother, UK

Sulveen Ivory, GP, NHS, UK

C Edwards, Campaigner, UK

Baroness Jenny Tonge MB. BS, Retired, House of Lords, UK

Catherine Atherton

Megan Ross, RN

Caroline McMillan, UK

Shelby Parrott, Preschool teacher, VHFLC

Anne Devereux, Breastfeeding Counsellor

Elizabeth Reumann, Educator

Victoria Cheesbrough, Registered Midwife

Avril Peppard, UK

Rose Silver

Nina Cranmer, Pilates Instructor, N.E.C. Pilates, UK

Lucy Muirhead, Midwife, Nhs, UK

T Hynan, Woman Mother of girls, UK

Lucinda Gidlow, Trauma counsellor for women and girls

Tanya Carter, Spokeswoman, Safe Schools Alliance, UK

Jacqueline Brown, Psychotherapist, UK

Amanda Veysey, UK

Stacey O’Brien

Stephanie Coulbeck, Midwife, UK

Sheila O’Sullivan, midwife, UK

Elaine McIntosh, Adult human female, mother, UK

Dr. Dominique Mylod, Midwifery Lecturer, Bournemouth University, UK

Paul Treadgold, UK

Michelle Marshall, UK

Claire Long, UK

Jennifer Maxwell, UK

Maggie Dear, Independent Social Worker, UK

Michele Dunn, UK

Christine Fraser, UK

Amanda Mason, Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Claire Fewster, UK

Hannah, Service user, UK

Rina Callingham, Retired midwife, UK

C Bramwell, UK

Anonymous, Health Visitor, NHS, UK

Charlotte Russell, Independent Scholar (formerly Senior Research Associate and Manager, Durham Infancy & Sleep Centre), UK

Rose Frain, UK

Linda Bryceland, Director of Midwifery, Private Midwives, UK

Karly la fontaine, Working single mother, UK

Laura Protheroe, UK

Julia Major, UK

Jaime Sandall, Mother, UK

Mary D, mother, UK

Anna Heyman, UK

Joanne Fretwell, NHS, UK

Cathy Devine, Independent Researcher, Former Senior Lecturer, University of Cumbria, UK

Jill Palmer, UK

Lily G Brown, UK

Anon, Infant feeding assistant, UK

G Black, Lawyer, UK

Pen Lindsay, UK

Edna Wilson, UK

Caitlin Loynd, UK

Alice Bondi, Retired psychotherapist, UK

P Molloy, UK

D Cambidge, Woman, UK

Debbie Callaghan, Mother & grandmother, Home, UK

Louise Bickley, Corporate Affairs Manager, UK

Victoria Jones, UK

Aldo Peternell, UK

Rick Westhorpe, UK

N Hutchings, UK

Helen Brown, UK

Rosalyn Harkin, Third Sector, UK

Katy Kerr, Woman, UK

G S, Mother and foster mother, NCC, UK

Louise Stent, UK

Fiona Hurlock, Acupuncturist, Self employed, UK

Madeleine Valdor, Breastfeeding peer support counsellor, Australia

Jennifer Schulz, Owner, The Daisy Project Australian’s only woman-centred service for women during & following miscarriage

Stephanie Kidd, Doula, UK

Chloë Dalton, UK

Laura Wyles, UK

Gina Nelson, Mother, None, UK

Anon, Freelance AHP, UK

Lauren Maske, UK

Georgia Testa, University lecturer, UK

Professor Lesley Gourlay, Professor of Education, University College London, UK

Christine, Ex teacher, mother of 3, UK

Belle Doyle, UK

Rachel Martin, UK

Diane Holyoak, Mother/Teacher, UK

Joanne Williams, UK

Rebecca Wardell, Woman, Mother, Human, Social Worker, UK

Anon, BBC, UK

Alison Smart, University administrator, Scotland, UK

Fay Semple, Business Coach to women, Self Employed, UK

Michael Davies

Sara Stewart, Feminist, woman’s sex based rights campaigner, mother and grandmother., UK

Rebecca, EFL Teacher

Julia Williams, Writer & mother of 4, UK

Hannah Cunliffe, UK

Elizabeth S, Counsellor

Kay Barton, Woman, NZ

Rebecca Russel, UK

Amelia Bones, UK

Dr Carly Brooks, UK

Tracey Simons, Mother, woman, UK

Anonymous, Obstetrician, UK

Louise Tickle, Journalist, UK

Joanna Bornat, UK

Alex Jack, UK

Maxine Hardinge

Sally Darlington, Teacher, British Council

Jenny Smith, Occupational Therapist (retired), UK

Helen Donaldson, Mother, UK

Jo Costello, Independent Consultant for VCS Organisations, UK

R Sharpe, Engagement Manager, UK

Janie Munro, UK

Fiona, Psychologist

Jolene Bannon, A pregnant woman who will soon become a mother., UK

Hilary Rowell, Registered Nurse, UK

Adrienne Lintzgy, UK

Elinor Holmquist, Academic, UK

Margaret Glover, Mother, UK

Siobhan, Mother, My Family, UK

Rachel Hardy, UK

Anonymous, Mother and woman (adult human female), UK

C Cameron, UK

Eileen Kinner, UK

Bea Jaspert, Retired lecturer

john audifferen, retired, na

Willie Ross, Activist, UK

Anon, Policy, Women’s Health Network, UK

Dr Annette Neary, Consultant Physician

Natasha Edstrom, Mother, UK

Carole Birley, Woman, UK

Dianne Landy

Tony Munro, Ally, UK

Susan P, UK

Steph Davies, NNEB Nursery Nurse, UK

Ree Parr, UK

Iris Walker, Councillor, mother, grandmother, UK

Louise Barraclough, Specialist safeguarding nurse, NHS, UK

Michelle Uriarau, Founding Member, ManaWāhineKōrero

Andreas Mueller, UK

Claire L. Heuchan, Author, UK

Antonia del la Varis, Mother of four

Lucy Moore, UK

Anders, Public Servant, APS

M Boyd, Service User, UK

Sandra Clark, NHS, UK

Yvonne Dziennik, Mother and retired teacher, UK

C.Hughes, UK

Dr Anni Donaldson, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Strathclyde, UK

Sheila Morgan, UK

Kate Ashdowne, Post grad student, UK

Anna Maidens, Mother, UK

S A Keenan, Graduate, Universities of Strathclyde and Paisley, UK

Lucy Sixsmith, former English language teacher, UK

Wendy Hewitt, UK

Mary Buttolph, UK

Denise Wightman, Teacher, UK

Anon, Researcher and therapist, UK

Anna Lockhart, UK

Sandra Muench, UK

Emma Dickson, Mother, UK

R Lockley, UK

Victoria lygo, Teaching assistant, UK

Emma D, Writer, author, educator, mother, UK

Kathy Fletcher, Retired Lecturer (Social Policy), UK

Hannah Smith, PR Manager, UK

Fiona Barrett, UK

J Rutherford, UK

Jenny, UK

Lucy Weavers, UK

Perdita Stevens, UK

Caroline Dees, Retired Housing and Young Homeless Support, UK

Karen Ross, Midwife, UK

Emma Power

Laura Wadehra, UK

L Jones, Journalist, UK

Terri Lipanovic, scientist

Hannah Perry, Teacher, UK

Ruth Jones, UK

Corinne Wilson, UK

Emma Waters, UK

M C Featherstone, Barrister, UK

Alan Belbin, Retired GP, NHS Scotland, UK

Mairéad Hogan, Academic

June Pallas, Woman/mother/grandmother, World weary but feisty member of humanity, UK

Kerry O’Boyle, UK

Meghan Rossiter, UK

J Clayton, Campaigner, UK

Jess Monck, Mother, UK

Deborah Dartnell, UK

Taylor Angelo

Chrystal, UK

Nel Sharma, UK

Anita, UK

Jo Keating, UK

Sam Dixon, Women’s Rights Advocate

Sophie Phillips, Solicitor, UK

C Dykins, UK

Monika Neall, UK

Sara Stephens-White, UK

Cathy H, UK

Majella Mulholland, None

Anonymous, Obstetrician/gynaecologist, King’s College, UK

Karen Sales, UK

Kate Allan, UK

Anonymous Helen, English Teacher, UK

Joanne McKenzie, Academic, UK

Catherine Davis, UK

Polly Dixon, UK

Fay Thompson, UK

Rachel M, Mother, UK

Paula Turner, Midwife

C Crook, UK

Emma Hopkins

Susan Dickerson,, Writer/Editor, UK

Henrietta Stannard, UK

M Durkin

Debbie Epstein, Emerita Professor of Cultural Studies in Education, University of Roehampton, UK

J.A.Craig, Mother, UK

Dr Kathy Edwards (P.h.D.), Senior Lecturer

Fay Boans, UK

Carol Sherrard Ph.D., Psychologist (retired)., UK

Sejal Patel, Mother, UK

Daphne Dutton, Mother, Grandma and great Grandma of women men and M/F babies, UK

Lorna Fitzpatrick, Woman, Mother, Feminist, UK

Karen Smith, School nurse, NHS, UK

Charmaine Hodgson, Mother, UK

Jill Hutchings, Midwife, Private Midwife, UK

Anon, Local Campaigner, Merton Shoppers (WRNEW), UK

Laura Harris, Foster Carer, UK

Judith Edis, Mother, OU student, MTA, UK

Deb Swinney, UK

C Marshall, Former breastfeeding peer supporter, UK

Judy Webb, UK

Bea, UK

Helen O’Driscoll

Tim Gregory, UK

Baroness Thornhill, Parliamentarian, HOL, UK

Paula Cooper, Teacher, UK

Kirstie Tyler, UK

Rachel H, Mother, woman, writer, UK

Sarah Cole, Mother, Woman, Adult Human Female, UK

Maureen Beaton, Retired social worker, UK

Louise Whelan, Mother

Laura Jackson, Lecturer Nursing, University of the West of Scotland, UK

Rebecca F, Service user, UK

Louise Jay, UK


Caroline Castle, Social Worker, UK

C Milligan, UK

Clare Haddon, UK

Ali Freng

Ms C, Teacher, UK

Barbara McGovern, Mother!
Dominic Reville, UK

Julie Finneran, UK

Kathryn W, Mother, Mental Health Clinical Consultant

Kassandra H C McLean, Woman & Mother & Breastfeeder

Renate van der Zee, Journalist and writer

Jo-Ann Atkins, School Governor, UK

Gillian, Mother, Midwifery graduate, UK

Thorunn Bacon, Osteopath, UK

Carla Rafferty, Nurse, NHS Scotland, UK

Amy Doyle, UK

Ann, Antenatal Educator, UK

Anonymous, Former Rape Crisis Line Worker, UK

Ilse Jacobsen, Professor for Microbial Immunology, Friedrich Schiller

University Jena, Germany

Rebecca Kaznowski, UK

Emma Hill, Financial Services, UK

T Cornell, UK

Steven Hancock, Father, husband, civil engineer

Christine Mary, Daughter,mother,grandmother,woman, UK

Andrea Fay

H Watts, RN (Adult), NHS, UK

Christine Wood, UK

Issilly Jones, UK

E Hughes, Mother, UK

Alice Rogers, Mother, UK

Katherine McLean, Mother, UK

Lorraine Bennett, Mother of 5, UK

Laura, Law student, UK

Emma Simpson, Woman, Mother, UK

Sophie, GP, UK

Sally Woods, Woman & Mother, UK

Cath Dillon, Registered Social Worker, UK

Tracey Hammond, Mother, wife, daughter., UK

Michael Corbett, Parent, Husband., UK

Pat Falconer, Compliance Manager (retired), Formerly Scottish Widows, UK

J.A, Social Worker, UK

Maggie Carpenter, MD, Women’s health provider

Dr An Vanthuyne, Consultant in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Marie Stopes UK – GSTT, UK

Jill Brennan, Counsellor, Buddhist, mother, NHS/member of BACP and SGI, UK

Maria Åberg, Psychologist

Lucy Rathbone, UK

Razel Remen, MD, abortion provider

Tracy Dempsey, Coach and wellbeing researcher, UK

Kate, UK

Nishta Hurry, UK

Nicola Wallace, UK

Sonia Richardson, Midwifery Lecturer, UWE, UK

Sarah, Woman and mother, UK

Alison, Mother, UK

Mags Dunne

Lucy, Researcher, Education not-for-profit

Bishakha Chowdhury, Doctor, MSI, UK

Sally Lambert, UK

Geraldine McColl, Teacher (retired), mother, grandmother, N/A, UK

Anonymous, Domiciliary carer, UK

Catherine Stevenson, Teacher., UK

Shirley MacWilliam, Mother, UK

Gill Parke, Administrator, Children’s Social Services, UK

Prof David Curtis, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist, University College London, UK

Suzy, CEO, UK

Nicole Schlogel, Midwife, Self employed at The Pregnant Vegan, UK

Bernadette O’Malley, Campaigner, Women’s Human Rights Campaign, UK

Emma Aynsley, UK

Fiona Corr-MacLeod, Pregnancy Yoga Teacher, UK

Tania Smith, UK

Tracey Payne, UK

Lyndsey Maiden, Director, UK

Karen Logan Smith, UK

Michelle McCarthy, Professor, University of Kent, UK

John Bergin, Children & Families Social Worker, UK

Andrea Jones, Professional Tutor, UK

Suzanne Mulloy, Woman, mother, grandmother., UK

Rachel Sutcliffe, UK

Sarah Quick, UK

R Maddox, UK

Claire C, Mother, UK

Gabriella Ribenfors, Editor, UK

Alison Roberts, Mother

Christine Beels, retired Civil Servant working with familirs, UK

Rachel, UK

Julia Thrift, woman and mother, UK

Zoe, NHS England, UK

Jan New, Speech and language therapist, UK

Mary, Midwife, NHS, UK

Lucy Prentice-Miller, Wellbeing Advisor, Weleda UK, UK

J Watts, Teacher, UK

Jon Bryan, Trade Unionist, School Governer, Community activist, Educator, Writer, UK

Beth Noakes, UK

Maggie Drago, UK

J Armitage, UK

Emily Morris, Counsellor, UK

Deborah Morrow, Mother, Woman, Feminist., UK

Eva Lindecrantz, Concerned woman and mother

A, Mother, UK

Ruth Sinclair, Secondary School Teacher, UK

A Hunter, Woman, mother, UK

Anon, Senior, Office National Statistics, UK

Gayle Tait, Mother, UK

EG, Nursery assistant, UK

Carol, Mother, UK

Yihan Yan

Sanja Pitchkarevich, IT Analyst, UK

Julie Matthews, Service user, UK

Leilani Hopkins, UK

Suzi Chandler, UK

Kevin Chandler, UK

Gail Rowlands, Woman, mother, retired teacher, UK

D Lynch, Mother, UK

Rebecca Mayo, Mother, UK

Guy Brewer, Public & Commercial Services Home Office HQ Assistant Secretary, UK

Rachel Heron, Research ethics, University of Manchester, UK

Mary Chadwick, UK

Coleen Gruschow, A mother, N/A

Virginia Hume, Retired health and social care commissioner, UK

Edwin Cruden, house dad, UK

Jill Callender, UK

Sarah Panzetta, Fertility awareness practitioner, UK

Tricia Lowther, mother, UK

Jennie, Educator, UK

S. Baxter, Woman, mother, grandmother., UK

Maura Clark, Retired Breastfeeding Counsellor, UK

Anna Hudson

Bridget Green, UK

Hollie Colquhoun, Student, UK

Jeremy Wickins, Retired Lecturer in Medical Law and Ethics, UK

Millicent Ruby, UK

S Kirkham, Mother of 3, UK

Barbara Lapthorn, Former RN specialising in women’s health, UK

Therese Reichert, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist

Samantha Foster, UK

Margaret Hines, Woman & Mother, Civil Servant UK, UK

Lucy Howard, UK

Hannah, UK

Lee Ellis, UK

Melanie Berry, Mother, UK

Gill Kibble, UK

Lucas, UK

Kathy Salaman, Teacher and mother, Education, UK

Mark Murphy, UK

Janet McGowan, UK

M L Hamilton, Woman, Retired, UK

Tara Norman, Self employed massage therapist, UK

Dr Joanna Durban, NHS Doctor, UK

S Porter, Woman, mother and service user, UK

Natalie Draper, Test Analyst, UK

Louise, Senior Manager, UK

Cheri Dedja, UK

Jo Pinches, UK

Laura Henry, Mother, UK

Julie Anne, Ireland, Woman (Adult Human Female) and Mother

Deborah Lloyd, UK

Catherine Knights, UK

Carmen Schlechta, Woman and Mother, UK

Dee, Mother, UK

Sinead Helyar, Nurse and Mother., UK

AK, Doctor, NHS, UK

T McGhee, UK

Isabelle Tracy, Artist, Freelance, UK

Juliette, UK

Fiona Bolger, Teacher, Post primary school Ireland

Gillian Dalley, Research consultant, UK

Hanna Jane, Children’s Services professional, A council, UK

Fiona Cameron, Mother, UK

Fiona Thompson, UK

M NicAodha, UK

Claudia Clare, Artist – sister, aunt, great aunt, Independent, UK

Zoe, Breastfeeding Counsellor, trauma informed therapist, UK

Sarah Haworth, woman, UK

Sarah Smith, UK

Priscilla kent, Hospital doctor, NHS, UK

Priscilla kent, Hospital doctor, NHS, UK

Beck Laxton, Parent, UK

Helen Laws, Therapist, UK

Janice Vaughan, UK

Carmel Cadden, UK

Rebekah Reynolds, UK

Victoria Roberts, School Governor, UK

Samantha Dye, UK

Cheryl Rad, UK

Sarah Gellner, Mother, UK

Eva Driskell, Accounts manager and carer, UK

Emma O’Donnell, Mum, UK

Rebecca, Teacher, Local council, UK

Stuart Derbyshire, Associate Professor, National University of Singapore

John Robertson, Founder/CEO HomeBase Minnesota

B Bond, UK

Michelle, Psychotherapist, NHS, UK

Claire Richards, UK

Anon, Public health researcher—women’s health

Helen Robinson, Feminist campaigner, UK

Fiona English, UK

Joanna Carrick, Woman, UK

Anon Female, Solicitor, UK

Sarah Askew, UK

Sarah workman, Nurse, NHS, UK

Christina Nicholls, Mother, retired public sector manager, UK

MJR, Woman & Mother, UK

Tania Phoenix, Mother, Family Home, UK

Lucy Catherine, Writer, UK

Helen K, Antenatal Teacher, UK

Sibyl Grundberg DO, Osteopath, UK

E Power, Nurse, UK

Ms C L Wardell, Retired child care social worker, Local Authority, UK

Anon to avoid being hounded out of my career, Paediatric Consultant, NHS, UK

Clodagh Warde, UK

Tania Sturt, 

Rebecca Cockerill, Mother, UK

Mary, Social worker, Local Govt, UK

Kay Watson, Retired HR Professional, UK

JGrieves, Data Scientist, UK

Christina Purcell, Lecturer/Researcher, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Julia, Service user, UK

S Scott, Social Worker, UK

Isabel Perez, teacher

Claire Roberts, UK

L A, Healthcare worker and mother, UK

Karis White, Teacher, mother of two, State school, UK

Angela Stewart-Park, UK

Janet Pontin, UK

Katrina Parnell, EX Registered Nurse, UK

Nicola Penty-Alvarez, University Professional Services Staff, Mother and Activist, Brunel University, UK

Cheryl kay, UK

Jane, Midwife, UK

Felicity Lane, UK

Liam Hughes, Physician

Deidre Louise Carman, Grandmother, N/A

Tara Fernando, UK

Pamela Jemio, Water Engineer

Sarah Vinecombe, UK

Mike Flinn, Therapist, Self employed, UK

Angela Keir, Mother of 3, UK

Sharon Allen, UK

Sherry Harris, Sonographer, UK

Rose Shapiro, UK

Victoria Norton, Fertility Coach, Doula, Hypnobirthing Instructor, UK

Mark Norton, Operations Director, UK

Nikki Holmes, Teacher, UK

Angela Jukes, Civil Servant, DWP, UK

Jessica Bartram, UK

Carrie Jarvis, Woman, mother, feminist, UK

Leanne McAllister, UK

Niamh McCabe, Obstetrician, UK

Marie Ouellette, Retired OB/GYN nurse

Emily Ashmore, UK

Dr. Phillip Hay, Consultant in Sexual Health, Guys and St. Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust, UK

Ren Matcham, UK

M Williams, Mother, UK

S.Haddock, HR Director, UK

Stefanie, Mother, UK

Danielle Sinnett, Academic, UWE, UK

Lynne Newman, Woman/Mother, UK

Katy Cooper, Researcher in Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Sheffield, UK

Viktoria Mitchell, UK

Amanda de Lussey, UK

Alison lloyd, UK

Barry lloyd, UK

Colette Gaskell, UK

Charlotte Slade, UK

Ceri Dingle, Director, WORLDWRITE, UK

Amanda Redmond, UK

Elaine D, Breastfeeding counsellor, UK

Harpreet Singh, UK

Chris Pook, Research Fellow

Kim Railey, A mother

Sally, NHS and employee, UK

Anon, Trustee of pregnancy support charity, UK

Emma R, Company Secretary, UK

Adam R, Business Owner, UK

Mairi MacIver, Mother, UK

Tara Mears, Student Nurse, NHS, UK

Eleanor Pickets, UK

Delyth Rennie, Social worker and mother, UK

Colin Huggins, Father and Grandfather of women., UK

Lucy Canning, Marketing Director, UK

Rebecca, NHS (K&M), UK

Sue Bruce, Solicitor, UK

Jackie Londoner, Charity Volunteer, Charity, UK

Jo Rogers, HCA, NHS, UK

Sarah Irving, I’m a women! And a mother!, UK

J Gourley, UK

Harriet Oliver, UK

Catherine, Breastfeeding Mother and Woman, UK

Hilary Oxley, Lesbian Action for Visibility in Aotearoa

Dr Judith Dodds, Sexual health doctor and community paediatrician, UK

Zoe Hawkins, UK

Penny Ryan, National Chair, Townswomen’s Guilds, UK

Lydia Baines, Midwife, UK

Katy Denniff, Community Volunteer, UK

Elise Gillespie, CEO, woman, mother, sister, daughter

Hannah Geaves, UK

Dyfrug Williams, UK

Gill B, UK

Charlee Connor, Support Worker

Kate Midwife, Woman, Mother. Language matters NHS, UK

Julie Richardson, Daughter, sister, mother of daughters, UK

Pamela Armstrong, Student, UK

Erika Chaubert, Practitioner, UK

Jo, Physiotherapist, NHS, UK

Diane Frall, Nurse, NHS, UK

Natalie Robertson, Housing Professional, UK

Alison, Woman, Mother and Teacher, UK

Louisa Aldridge, Pregnancy yoga teacher, YogaBirth, UK

Gillian McIntyre, Retired lawyer, N/a, UK

K Lees, UK

Julia Wilson, UK

Margaret McCarroll

Elle, Perinatal Psychiatry, NHS, UK

Vernee Samuel, Education Researcher, UK

Mairi Logie, UK

Clare Mountford, Mother, UK

Jacky Simmonds, IBCLC/La Leche League leader, La Leche League, UK

Jane Keen, UK

Anon, Mother, Woman, UK

Vicky, Clinical Psychologist, NHS, UK

Joanne Lindsay, UK

Judith Smith, UK

Sam, UK

Dr.B.Reay, Retired doctor/mother of daughters/radical feminist, UK

Lizzie L, Education practitioner, UK

Vikki, HCP, UK

Emma Bourke, UK

N Sharma, Mother, Educator, UK

Sophie jenkins, UK

Debbie Atkin, UK

Jean Edwards, UK

Sarah Andrews, Mother, Woman, UK

Karen G, Personal Assistant, UK

Anna McCormack, Convenor, IWD Brisbane Meanjin, IWD Brisbane Meanjin

Alison Griffiths, UK

Jo D, Student, mother, woman, UK

Kathy Greer, 

Angela Tuffnell, Retired midwife, Ex NHS, UK

Susan Ash, Former National grant maker to the VAWG sector, UK

Yasmin Fitzpatrick, UK

TeReweti Poutawa

Jess Evans, Woman, UK

Rae Livingstone, UK

NT, Woman, female, mother, UK

Jo, teacher, UK

P Lord, Breastfeeding mother, UK

Wendy Davies, UK

Claire Quatermass, SEMH teacher, UK

Jen Armour, UK

Nina Vallins, Woman, n/a

Deborah Whittle, Mother, daughter, sister, registered nurse NHS, UK

Charlotte Robinson, Civil servant, UK

Cath Writes

Dr Q Charatan, University Lecturer, UK

Ben Sears, Son of a nurse who works in a women’s health clinic, UK

Caroline Wyllie, UK

J. Wilson, Acupuncturist, UK

Anon, Midwife, UK

Harriet Ennis, UK

Hannah Drummond, RN, UK

Sarah Morgan, Writer, UK

Maureen O’Hara, Senior Lecturer in Law, Coventry University, UK

Daniel R. Tobias, Programmer

Leah Robertson Mother, feminist & Womens rights activist, UK

Barry, No specific role, interested party, None

Fiona Robertson, Former BPAS client, woman and mother, UK

Alison Stanton, Breastfeeding Counsellor

Fiona MacLean, GP

Lucy Harding, Development Services Manager, UK

Mrs Dennison, Mother

Deborah Harrison, Legal Director, UK

Louise C, Mother, Professional Services Staff, Anonymous, UK University, UK

Pauline Jones, RGN ( retired ), UK

Jo Williams, Midwife, UK

Joanna Young, UK

Sue Kay, Retired academic, UK

Sue Leigh, Victorian Women’s Guild

Fiona McEwen, UK

Jenny Thorp, Medical Editor, UK

Vanessa Pupavac, UK

Lisa, UK

Khairoun Abji, UK

Emma Hayfield, Woman, Mother, UK

Victoria Keilthy, NHS employee, UK

Ksy, Youth programmes, UK

Caroline, Retired Health Visitor, UK

Jess Goldie, Student nurse & breastfeeding peer supporter, NHS, UK

Anon, Equality manager, mother, woman, UK

Hannah Brahg, UK

Jean Mitchell, Mother and Finance Director, UK

Dr Carlton Brick, Lecturer in Sociology, University of West Scotland, UK

A P, Service user, UK

Charlotte Harwood, Solicitor in the Advice Sector, UK

Emma Martin, Mother and Chair of a family support charity, Bromley Brighter Beginnings, UK

Jenny Lynn, UK

Sarah Girling, Maths teacher, Reddam House Bearwood, UK

Jacqueline Cole, Concerned woman – mother/daughter/sister/aunt, Retired, UK

Diane O’Leary, UK

Lucy, Physiotherapist, NHS, UK

Margaret Russell, UK

Jane Barclay, retired teacher, UK

Janet Beverley, Financial Controller, UK

Nic MacPherson, UK

A Patrick, Mother, teacher, UK

Zoe Cockbill, Mental Health Nurse Consultant, NHS, UK

Julie Mooney, Retired social worker, UK

Dionne Kennedy, Social worker, Director of company, UK

Angela Smith, UK

Sophie Rason, Director, Ingenio Group, UK

Ewan Kelly, University staff, UK HE, UK

Hanna Llyn, Language Tutor, UK

D Jarvis, council employee, UK

S Chapman, Mother, UK

Katherine Bridge, UK

Victoria Greenwood, Advocacy worker for refugees and asylum Seekers, UK

Edda Ivan-Smith, UK

Jo Rickhards, Journalist, UK

R Green, Scientist, UK

Jane Miles, Mother, UK

Claire Patience, Community Development Manager, UK

Beverley Taylor, Mother, UK

Rebecca Ellis, UK

Kate Grimes, NHS Hospital CEO (retired), UK

Gilly Kenealy, Campaigner, UK

Jane Price, Journalist, healthcare communicator and mother, UK

Karla, UK

Isobel Kelly, UK

Dawn Greenfield, Retired, UK

Angela Howard, UK

Anon, Writer, mother, ex-BBC journalist, UK

Rebecca Pennington, Mother, UK

Judith Suissa, Academic and mother, UK

Mrs T Hughes, Teacher, Secondary education, UK

Vaishali Chatterji, UK

Chris Plummer

Hannah Salome, UK

Farah Orme, Security consultant, UK

Beth Ali, Civil Servant, UK

Jane Sandall, Professor of Women’s Health, King’ s College London, UK

Gael Cochrane, Mother, UK

Sally Millard, UK

Eleanor massie, Surgical trainee, UK

Kay Beaumont, Retired social worker, UK

Helen Neaves, UK

Elizabeth Owen, Retired teacher,Human Rights & Feminist Activist, Woman’s Action Group

Lynette Hughes, UK

Claire Wilcox, Mother of 4 , including twins, Retired, UK

Judy Wilson, Retired co-chair Reproductive Justice Team, Unitarian Universalist Justice PA (UUJPA)

Maggie Towse, Retired Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

Ann Roberts, UK

C Jones, Retired nurse consultant and midwife, NHS, UK

Manon Edwards, UK

Virginia Bevan, Retired family social worker, UK

Christine Bainbridge, UK

Linda Roberts, Mother, UK

Simon Hughes, Humanist, UK

Caroline Richmond, Retired medical job, UK

Sara, Health Visitor, NHS, UK

Leena Jones, UK

Gillian Barnett, Retired psychanalytic psychotherapist, UK

Anna-L I, UK

S Thorpe, Woman, UK

Jayne Jenkins, UK

Michelle Arthur, UK

E J Rowley, Clinical Psychologist, NHS Scotland, UK

Deborah Stene, UK

Samantha Rouse, UK

Yvonne Purdy, UK

Nia Higginbotham, UK

Susan A, Qualitative research consultant – Canada

Sarah Turnill, Mum of three, UK

Lorraine Hansell, Retired social worker, UK

Sarah Mitchell-Smith, UK

Aimee Peters, UK

Gillian Jones, UK

Christina Charlson, Very concerned woman, mother, grandmother, Retired local authority manager, UK

Deborah Hughes, Retired midwife, UK

Deborah Sears, Mother of 3, Registered Nurse, UK

Janet Corder, A Woman, Womanhood, UK

Ruth Riddick, Founder/Executive Director, Open Door Counselling Ireland

Nikki Sutton, UK

Ruth Dineen, Merched Cymru, UK

Robyn Thomas, Local government , UK

Mrs Karina Bell, Expectant mother , UK

Sarah Briggs, UK

Rachel Tierney, UK

Kathryn Hyde, UK

Katherine Locke, UK

Anonymous, GP, NHS, UK

Barry Marks, UK

Andrea Lawrie , UK

Mother in Oxford, scientist, UK

Lynne Barnsley, UK

Linda Pepper, Women’s Reproductive Rights, UK

Venetia Foxall, Paediatric feeding therapist (SLT), NHS, UK

Chloë Highmore, UK

Frances Everitt, UK

Dawn Silver , UK

Philippa Cowburn, UK

Pat Black, Psychotherapist, UK

R Qureshi, CEO, NGO, UK

Theresa Clifford, UK

Helene Guldberg, Academic, Open University, UK

Suzanne Sixsmith, NHS worker, UK

Catherine Opoku, UK

Frank Furedi, Emeritus Professor of Sociology, UK

Vicky Richardson, Curator and writer, UK

Rachael fassioms, Physiotherapist, UK

Margaret Sloan, UK

Stella, Doctor and service user, UK

Carolyn Murray, Health Researcher, UK

MC, Mother, Feminist, Female, UK

Belinda Memmott, Retired midwife, UK

Debbie Walker, UK

Sara Craven, Mother, UK

Julia South, UK

Caroline Mair, Midwife, GG&C, UK

Anonymous, Breastfeeding counsellor, Association of Breastfeeding Mothers, UK

John C. Bockmann, Physician Assistant (pro-life)

Andrea Finch, UK

Anne Reyersbach, UK

Dr Carole Sherwood, Retired Clinical Psychologist, UK

Nicola, Midwife, UK

Julia Garratt, Counsellor, UK

Andree Rushton, UK

Sara, A woman

Maria Pau Munuera Perez, Individual

Sally Addington, Early Years Educator, Roxwell Pre-School, UK

Jo Anning, UK

diane jones, UK

Dr Tracy Mitchell, GP, UK

Shirley Lawes, UK

Charly Cole, UK

Sue Jones, Retired psychotherapist, n/a, UK

Glynnis Tucker, Volunteer leader with girl guiding; retired antenatal teacher and breastfeeding counsellor, girlguiding UK. Previously with NCT, UK

Katharine Bird, Filmmaker, UK

Janice Middleton, UK

Nina Davies, Television documentary executive producer, freelance, UK

Sheryll Lennox, UK

Trish Lavelle

Sasha Ray, Health professional, UK

Sally Jackson, UK

Amy White, Teacher, mother, UK

A Kelly

Gemma Handley, Directorate Manager, NHS, UK

Victoria Atkins, Researcher, UK

Judith Rowbotham, Academic,, UK

Zohar Marer, Co-founder Maddie’s Miracle Breastfeeding Charity, Maddie’s Miracle – breastfeeding charity, UK

Louise Taylor, UK

Suesan Matthews, UK

Victoria D, UK

CJ Patten, UK

Elizabeth Marais, UK

Christian Millar, Mother, daughter, sister, female friend and colleague, UK

Lucy Wilkinson, Solicitor, UK

Eleanor Street, UK

Sabine Beppler, Chair Freiblickinstitut Berlin

Hannah, UK

JR, Midwife, NHS, UK

Julie Pierce, Mother and retired social worker, UK

Helen, UK

Anonymous, Customer service

Christina Forte, UK

Lily Wilson, Data Analyst, UK

A Woman, Charity worker who can’t afford to be fired, UK

Hazel, Mother, UK

Claire Edwards, UK

Joanne Elwell, UK

A Havinden, UK

Jan Fitzpatrick, Retired RGN, UK

Gloria Foran, Woman service user, UK

Maggie Parks, UK

Nancy McDermott, Author

Helen Donovan, Clinical Midwife

Louise B, UK

Carol Entwistle, UK

Yiota Jacovides, Retired solicitor, UK

Diane kelly, UK

Karen Stone, UK

Evie L, Childcare Professional, UK

Justine Odell, UK

Tony Gilland, Teacher, UK

Naomi, Lawyer, UK

Louise Danks, UK

Liz Smith, Midwife, NHS Lanarkshire, UK

Emma M, UK

Rebecca B, Policy Advisor, UK

L Simpson, Economist, UK

Gemma Taylor

Anna Simon, Teacher, Norfolk, UK

Emma Thomas, UK

Hannah Roberts, UK

Chloe Phelps, Midwife, UK

Lucy Demetri, UK

Nicola Light, UK

Michelle Lewis, Physiotherapist, UK

Gemma, Mother of 3, UK

Anonymous, Lawyer, UK

Susan Yavetz, Author and PhD candidate, University of Liverpool, UK

R Singh, UK

David Perks, Headteacher, UK

Meghna Srivastava, Breastfeeding mother, therapist, UK

Zaharoula Costis, mother and woman, UK

Claire Vourgidis, Senior Leader Mathematics, DN Colleges Group, UK

Debs, Midwife and mother, UK

Alison, UK

S Gresham, UK

Glenda Roberts, UK

Androulla, Teacher, UK

Jessica Mordsley, UK

Sarah Forbes, Yoga teacher and Mother, UK

S.White, Learning Disability nurse, UK

Stephanie Cosson, School Governor, Former Sex Education worker, UK

Karen Deakin, Carer, UK

Kathy Bird, Retired PSHE adviser, Local Authority, UK

Patricia Craven, UK

J Richardson, Mental Health Professional, UK

Anonymous, Teacher, Grant maintained London secondary school, UK

Gillian Cassidy

Sharon, Health Care Professional, NHS, UK

Sheila Langley, Mother of 3 & Company Director, UK

Kristina Wally Byström, Midwife, Stockholm County

Rose Allwork, UK

Claire O’Neill, Service user, UK

Virginia Taylor, Government Analyst, UK

Alix Charlton, Adult human female and mother, UK

Julie Coates, Police Officer (retired) mother of 2 daughters, Retired from West Midlands Police, UK

Frank Gilland, Husband, father grandfather, Retired, UK

Wendy Gilland, Wife, mother, grandmother, Retired, UK

Amelia Didino, UK

Sophie Morris, UK

Anna Duda, Mother, UK

Eleanor Meade, Mental health nurse, NHS, UK

Melissa Ratledge, Mother, UK

Helen B, UK

Kerrie Pennington, CEO, Pacific Technology

Ian Coates, UK

Fee Scott, UK

Lyn Poole, UK

C B Hunt, UK

Christian Millar, Mother, daughter, sister, female friend and colleague, UK

Dr Anne M, Medical doctor (retired), UK

R Davis, Senior Communications Executive, UK

Beata Kieltyka, Activist, UK

Sally Hamer, Health Visitor, UK

Kat Busby Hicks, Founder member, Women’s Equality Party, UK

Susan Poulsen

Rebekah McManus, Health and Wellbeing Coach, UK

Rebecca Cosgrave, Nurse in sexual health, UK

Alison P Sendecki, name blocked

Olivia P, Supporter, UK

Josey Cagney, Local Government Officer, London borough, UK

Mary Ewing, Mother, grandmother, teacher (retired), UK

Lindsey Walker, UK

Nicky Grace, Midwife, Grace Midwifery Ltd, UK

Shona Cochran, UK

Theo Merkle

Rebecca Harrison, Mother, UK

Elaine Coates, UK

Mary Humphreys, UK

Dr P, Paediatrician, NHS, UK

Kristin Røe

Kirsten LaCerda

Kerry Hedley, Yoga teacher, UK

Helen Skinner, Midwife, UK

Ruth Noble, UK

Katie Edwards, UK

Jillian Nicol, UK

Bethany, Concerned mother of teenage girl, UK

Natalie seevei, Volunteer, UK

Emily Greeves, Service user – mother, UK

Sandra Lawler, Public Health Lecturer, UK

Vicky Harris, Music teacher, Sefton Music Service, UK

Lisa Tebbutt, UK

Alice Breed, Mother, N/a, UK

Issy ismail, UK

Frances Douglas, UK

Shabanah Fazal, Teacher, UK

Mickey McCarthy, Attorney, leftist and lesbian

Kathleen Ferguson, UK

Angela Bell, UK

Emma McIlveen, Mother, UK

Jennifer Culbertson, Senior Research Associate – Medical Diagnostics

Michelle Reynolds

Rosemary McGlashon, UK

Hanora Crowley, UK

Anne Ford, UK

Madeleine Morey, Mother and grandmother, UK

Susan Doherty, Retired midwife, UK

Brittany Hutchings, UK

Una-Jane Winfield, Transwidow,, UK

Andy Best, Nurse, NHS, UK

Jayne kinsella, UK

Sharon Campbell, Radiographer, NHS, UK

Patrick Doyle, Father, UK

Anon (not safe to share name due to threats and campaigns of violence against women), Doctor, NHS, UK

Sara Hockleyford, UK

Eva Lane, Mental health therapist, NHS, UK

Hearth M. Rising, Social Worker (MSW)

Susan Bradshaw, Mother, Family, UK

Lucy Rochester, UK

Paul Black, Father who watched his wife give birth to two healthy children, UK

Al Lee, Proprietor, Lead artist, 2cheeseburgers Digital Illustration, UK

Samantha Haycock, UK

Josephine Holroyd, UK

Fern Hickson, Mother

Rachel Horan, Mother

S Violet, HR Manager, Can only say Public Sector who sees the impact of women’s erasure, UK

Natalie Hislop-Blake, UK

Emer Murphy, Mother

Kate Gillies, UK

Jennifer Petrillo, Physician, mother, biological female

Linda Ferguson, Speech and Language Therapist, Percy Hedley School, UK

Pauline Graham, Foster carer, UK

Verity Conway, Healthcare communication, UK

Suzanne Hitchin, UK

Birgitte Goetzsche, Retired psychology teacher, UK

Geraldine Reith, UK

Mary Hepburn, WOMAN Mother Wife Daughter Sister, UK

Rose Mary Owen, UK

Jennifer Cobb

Stephanie Gates

Anna Heran

Emma Donaldson

M Quillan, UK

MK, Female Liberation

TK David

Leigh S., Care worker, UK

Michelle Gibson, ANUM, St. Vincent’s Hospital, St. Vincent’s Hospital

Moira Catte, Mother Grandmother Great Grandmother and proud to be able to say all, UK

Kym Barlow, Service User and Woman, UK

Nicki payne, UK

Caroline Hitchen, Mother. Woman. Adult female human, UK

Jane Maltby, Health communications manager, UK

Michelle Irving, Academic, UK

Danielle, Marketing director, UK

Liz Frayn, Doctor, NHS, UK

Kay Quillan, Woman and mother, UK

Sandi Beers, MA student, UK

Sarah Hulbert, Publisher, 5m, UK

M Hunter, UK

Eleanor Hunt, Teacher on a break doing a Masters degree, UK

Cathy Groves, UK

Victoria Goff, Mother and journalist, UK


Stuart Hartill, UK

Carol Bailey, Past user of services, UK

Susan Hough, EDI Researcher, UK

Belinda Gibbs, Mother, UK

Louise Snow, UK

Annabelle Jones, UK

Michelle Anderson, UK

Liz Lawrence, Concerned member of the public with an unrelated, but female-only, health problem which could likewise be referred to with confusing language., UK

Carrie Jarvis, Mother, UK

Elspeth Gardner, business owner, Elspeth Gardner Ceramics, UK

Jenny Stein, UK

Sophie Wettlaufer, Compliance Officer, UK

Pippa Booth, Mother, UK

Renee Allen, UK

Keturah Garvey, UK

Tessa Finch, Feminist, UK

Paul Milnes, Retired Senior Lecturer, London Met University, UK

Mandy Reid, Business consultant – user experience research/evaluation and sensory loss expert, MJ Reid Ltd, UK

Pamela Nolan, Director, UK

Sophie Atherton, Freelance writer, UK

Oxford Feminist Union, UK

Diane Dear, Retired DN, UK

Ewa Reece, HCSW, Nhs, UK

Juergen Jaspert Madrid Spain

Caroline McCready, Mother and secondary teacher, UK

Catherine Adlen, UK

Ian Barnett, Parent, UK

Saffron Clary, Woman and Mother, UK

Sara Barker, Company Director, UK

Louise Donald, UK

Hayley Newill, Homeless womens support worker, UK

K. Hopper, Mother, N/A, UK

Karen Meager, UK

Ruth Donev, Data Scientist, UK

Lynnette Cain, Student, UK

Elaine Roberts, Woman and Mother, UK

JinHan Lim, Pre-natal yoga teacher, British Wheel of Yoga, UK

Ian Miller, Man supportive of women’s rights, UK

Sam W, UK

Joan Appleton, Retired, UK

Anna Connolly, UK

Sonia Ess, Campaigner, Women’s Action Group

Phil Licas, Tourism Manager, Local Authority, UK

Anne Simm, Mother of 2, UK

Moira Gibb, Non executive director, UK

Melissa Titus, Woman, UK

Anne Armstrong, UK

Jacqui MacLeod, Welfare Rights Officer, UK

Maggie Mellon, Independent Social Worker, UK

Lisa Randall, Childminder, UK

Sally, Mother of 2 and service user, UK

Susan Moffat, Retired NHS health promotion specialist, UK

Women Speak Scotland, UK

Katy Mendes-Day, UK

Belinda, Maternity services consumer advocate

Kate Graham, Teacher of mathematics, Object UK, UK

Ms. T. Cakcutt, Pensioner, UK

Kathryn Phillips, Midwife

Lucy Rimmer, Doula, UK

Kate Taylor, UK

Caroline Meagher, Training Manager Health and Social Care, UK

Claire, Teacher

Anon, Consultant, NHS, UK

KE Russell, UK

Susan Fox, Mental Health Trainer, UK

Laura Scarlett, Doula, UK

Emma Johannesson, Genealogist, UK

Sarah Kinsey, Artist, Scientist, Educator, Woman – who questions the words women/woman but who recognizes the importance of their use in campaigning against institutional sexism, Ontario College of Teachers (Canada)

Lucy Cleary, UK

Gill Ratcliffe, Retired – GP clerical, UK

Eileen Newman, Adult Human Female, UK

Lucy Moore, UK

Rachel S, nurse and mother, NHS, UK

Susan Evans, Retired State Registered Nurse and RMN -Gender Identity Psychotherapist, Evans psychotherapy service, UK

Sheila Lewis, UK

Sally Jones, Foster carer, Local authority, UK

David Bell, Psychoanalyst and Retired Consultant Psychiatrist, UK

Cassandra Lawrence, Birth worker, UK

Dr Heather Brunskell Evans, Academic and mother, UK

Geraldine Wooley, Feminist and mother, Audacious Women Collective, UK

Marcus, Psychoanalyst, ex Registered mental nurse, ex clinical lead of adult services and head of nursing Tavistock and Portman NHS trust,, British psychoanalytic society, UK

Susan Watts, retired nurse, UK

Julie Bindel, Journalist and author, Justice for Women, UK

Kerry, Mother, teacher, UK

Selina Todd, Professor of Modern History, Oxford University, UK

Emma Pageot, UK

Kate Liddle, UK

Christine Hadfield, UK

We are no longer adding new signatures to the page – but you are very welcome to add your name and any thoughts via the comments section below if you would like to.

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